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Why Fish Tank Still Smells after Cleanup | Aquarium Care

Why Fish Tank Still Smells after Cleanup | Aquarium Care

Okay, if you just clean your aquarium and
your tank still smells, I would make sure that you clean the lip around the aquarium. Make sure you took the tank top off the tank
and free it and wipe it down of any food that may have splashed up on it, any waste that
may have built up on it. Even bacterial slime could smell. If you didn’t replace the carbon in your filter,
that could be a reason why your tank smells. Remember there are odors and impurities just
natural, organic waste that’s going to have an odor to it. Carbon is the best tool in removing these
odors, but after you put fresh carbon in, it could take a day or so to really filter
out these waste molecules and these odors so that the tank doesn’t smell. A tank should not smell. I mean, it will always have a slight, like
a natural smell to it but it should never be overpowering. You should never be able and close your eyes
and guess that there’s a fish tank in the room because the odor is so empowering. If your tank still smells after you’ve cleaned
it, it’s probably because you have some waste that went unspotted, or unnoticed, on the
underneath of the lid. If you’ve forgotten and didn’t clean the under
area around the aquarium, that’s a main area that would produce odors. Just make sure you put fresh carbon in there. I recommend once-a-month you change the carbon
resin, either Chemi Pure or activated carbon. Just rinse it first. Most tanks should benefit from using the carbon. Very rarely do you have a tank without carbon
where the tank is not yellow and it doesn’t smell. It’s just an natural environment. It’s going to produce a slight amount of odor. Again, carbon is key to keep those smells
in check and keeping your water clean.

10 comments on “Why Fish Tank Still Smells after Cleanup | Aquarium Care

  1. Huh? He must be talking about salt water tanks!

    I have a lower ph tank with Cardinal tetras, cory cats, Gara Rufas, etc. 
    I never, ever, ever use carbon in my filter. I take it out immediately!! Carbon takes all the plant vitamins, minerals out of the water and the plants won't grow as well and could even get bad… 

    My tank has never had an odor. A long time ago my first tank did, but it went away within days by itself… 

    If you have tank smells, you are doing something wrong… 

  2. but I have plants and I was told that it would hinder what the plants do for my aquarium..can you please explain this to me? thanks

  3. It only smells when I put my nose under the lid. Does malachite green smell? My fish are under ich treatment at the moment and I just wanted to make sure if it’s normal. Thanks !

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