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Why Health Experts Say Not To Eat Tilapia & Salmon

Why Health Experts Say Not To Eat Tilapia & Salmon

why health experts say not to eat
tilapia and salmon wondering how to make the best of your health with seafood
well we all know that going out or cooking seafood can be a great
experience it’s a different setting it’s exotic and it’s also a great way to get
vital nutrients and vitamins take tilapia fish for example it’s the most
popular farmed fish in America because it’s the most affordable in most cases
seafood is very expensive because of the essential vitamins it contains which can
limit people from consuming it so it is no surprise that the most affordable
fish is the most purchased with that said health experts have now issued a
warning telling people to stay as far away from tilapia fish as possible keep
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and tricks from your number-one besties it lacks nutrients one of the main
reasons experts are signaling to stay away from tilapia is because it contains
very few nutrients according to researchers from Wake Forest University
School of Medicine tilapia fish scored much lower on the omega-3 fatty acid
content than most other fish Alzheimer’s risk the omega-3 fatty acids is what
give fish the most of their benefits which includes Alzheimer’s risk
reduction what tilapia does contain is a large amounts of omega-6 fatty acids
which are not good for you take this in there are more omega-6 fatty acids in
tilapia fish than there are in a hamburger or bacon while omega-3 fatty
acids can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s omega-6 fatty acids can potentially
cause cancer one of the omega-6 fatty acids that are present in tilapia fish
is called arachidonic acid this compound increases inflammation that precede
it’s Alzheimer’s do you know what other type of fish you might cook often is
also considered dangerous to eat and is harmful to our health I’ll keep watching
because after we tell you about the health risks associated with tilapia
we’ll tell you about another type of fish that may be dangerous to eat farmed
fish most tilapia fish is farmed it is actually the second most farmed fish in
the entire world the main reason is because of the fishes hardiness it has
the ability to eat just about anything this is good for farmers but not so good
for consumers normally farmers would have to spend
money on fish food but instead they feed tilapia pig poop and chicken cancer risk
not only can tilapia increase the chances of Alzheimers but it also has
the ability to cause cancer one toxic chemical that has been found in the fish
is dioxin the compound that has been linked to the development and
progression of cancer the concern about this compound is that your body is
unable to flush it out for about seven to ten years this means that if you have
high levels of dioxin in your body the chances of you developing cancer are
increased healthy alternatives wondering how to cook or find different types of
seafood for dinner that aren’t tilapia or salmon well we’ve got some good
alternatives for you so that you can still make your dinner the best it can
be so if you are a fish lover and an
unfortunate tilapia consumer you should consider an alternative the healthiest
fish that you could consume is freshwater coho salmon it contains
between 700 to 1,800 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids making it one of the
top choices for fish sardines now this next dinner choice may
not be anyone’s favorite but it’s extremely healthy for you sardines have
been labeled as one of the world’s super foods it packs more omega-3 fatty acids
19:50 milligrams per three ounce serving than a serving of salmon it is also very
high in vitamin d as well if you’re wondering how to come up with some good
recipes for dinner with sardines remember google is always your friend
now that you know about the health risks associated with tilapia here are the
health risks associated with another extremely popular fish farmed salmon
after watching this video you may just decide not to cook seafood ever again
environmental issues a respected norwegian environmental activist by the
name of kurt oda Calv believes that the farming of salmon is a disaster both for
the environment and for human health among the Norwegian fjords that contains
salmon farms there is said to be a layer of waste about 15 metres high
consisting of bacteria drugs and pesticides the sea floor is apparently
destroyed and due to the sea farms being situated in open water there is no way
to contain the pollution as a result of these farms upwards of 2 million salmon
can’t be held in crowded spaces with the crowded conditions leading to disease
that spreads rapidly through the stressed salmon Oda calve reports that
sea lice as well as infectious salmon anemia virus has spread across Norway
while consumers are not informed of the fish pandemics and continue to purchase
deceased fish toxins despite fish always being known as
healthy food Oda calve proclaims that today’s farmed salmon is one of the most
toxic foods in the world jerome ruzhin a toxicology researcher has confirmed
these claims having tested a number of different food groups sold in Norway for
toxins he has determined that farmed salmon
contains the greatest amount of toxins among them by an incredibly large margin
it has been concluded that farmed salmon is in fact five times more toxic than
any other product tested harmful to children and pregnant women
dr. Anne lease Burt’s Monson a prominent biologist at the University of Bergen
Norway stated I do not recommend pregnant women children or young people
eat farmed salmon it is uncertain in both the amount of toxins salmon contain
and how these drugs affect children adolescents and pregnant women she adds
that the contaminants detected in farmed salmon have a negative effect on the
brains development associated with autism as well as having an effect on
other organ systems in the body’s immune system and metabolism cancer according
to living traditionally eating more than one meal of farmed raised salmon in a
month can increase your risk of developing cancer in the future due to
the salmon containing cancer-causing chemicals and high levels of dioxins
furthermore farmed salmon is also said to provide your body with higher levels
of inflammation which leads to many diseases namely cancer diabetes
arthritis and Alzheimer’s the evidence is conclusive that farmed salmon is
essentially both damaging to our bodies and the environment despite fish being
one of the healthiest foods we can eat we need to be mindful about choosing the
right fish in the industrial age documentaries continue to surface with
facts and research that have people thinking twice about consuming processed
foods and any animal products as well there are many great alternative fish
and food choices that are handled in a healthier way for our consumption and
it’s important to stay aware and informed of what you eat and how it got
to your plate it’s safe to say that oftentimes we overlook what is behind
the food that is in front of us with the growing movement
of people straying away from animal product consumption we are naturally
beginning to learn more about why people are cutting out this aspect of their
diets filet-o-fish by director Nicolas Daniels takes a critical look at the
fishing industry investigating fish farms and factories all over the world
in an extensive initiative towards educating people on the fish they
consume though our perception of fishing is rather romanticized according to
healthy holistic living when it comes to large-scale food production it’s an
entirely different story so what do you think do you eat a lot of tilapia or
salmon what are some healthy alternatives to tilapia and salmon that
you like to eat let us know in the comments section below
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  1. What do you think? Do you eat a lot of tilapia or salmon? What are some healthy alternatives to tilapia and salmon that you like to eat? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Farmed fish or wild fish has the same amount of nutrients. Omega 6 is as good as omega 3. Full of lies and misconception. Pseudo science.Tlipia is raised with feed.

  3. Don't drink the water don't eat fish don't eat red meat don't eat vegetables don't eat fruit so I might as well starve to death

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  6. Every time we eat we always ask God to bless our food..if we dont eat we die also ….We are always eating tilapia with my 87 years old mother…. and my mother is still strong thanks God..

  7. BIG DISAGREE ABOUT THE INFORMATION_ GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE _ The problem is YOU & US people _ Self discepline ,Cleanliness & safe environment_ No clean in this world _ almost everything is polluted_water air light _ soil pollution _ "What you ate ( eat) ,what you are"_ Even vegetable still polluted_ Health is wealth.

  8. Must be a joke by ignorant vrgetarian talking about meat. If you fish in the ocean this fool will tell you fish stock s depleting too. Omega 6 are required by our body too, except not in big quantity, most vegetable oil have big quantity of it except a few. He should have suggested how to rear and monitor fish farmers to follow good practice, instead of asking consumers go for something that is unsustainable. This fool is throwing a spanner into our world food solution.

  9. Some experts say salmon is good because of the fat. Now all fish are harmful. Red meat all meats. What do we do now. All food are harmful. Before nutritionist say eating more then one a day is unhealthy. Now they say say one egg good for diabetics. All foods is harmful. Don't eat? Silly!

  10. I bet you just would have to eat tilapia & salmon 3 times a day from now on in your life before it could cause all these problems!!

  11. Sources of human exposure to dioxins include food intake, drinking water, air inhalation and skin contact. Dietary intake is by far the most important and accounts for over 90% of dioxins exposure. Fatty foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, milk, egg and their products are the major dietary sources of dioxins.

  12. Sardines n salmon are the worst fish to consume ok?,what you've just derived from tilapia are completely present in salmon and sardines,not to talk of the bad odour and smells one persived when cooked,tilapia are one of the best fish consumeable,this video is fake .

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  14. The last time I had salmon was in Alaska about 2 months ago. It was a wild caught salmon because the fish tasted different. I would say it was a more "natural" taste vs store bought.

  15. I've been eating salmon and telapia and i'm now 81 years old, so healthy with sharp memory. People here eat even pufferfish, squid and octopus with black ink and some other fish containing high mercury. And dome even eat it raw, and they look healthier than those on the city eating red meat.

  16. Why are people here eating farmed milkfish fed with chicken dung and hog waste, looking so healthy? I think what the fish eat, does'nt harm you if you clean.and remove the intestine.

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    Desiring to eat Bluefin Tuna fish(Wild Pacific one).
    But having sufficient Sea fish of different kind and I'm CHOOSY/VERY SELECTIVE.!
    Blessings from India.🇮🇳🤝👍

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    Restaurants Sell Nothing But
    Farm Raised Seafood. I Think It's
    So Wrong Not To Let Their Customers
    Know This Up Front.
    And Let's Not Talk About All These
    All You Can Eat Hibachi Joints. 😫😷

  21. All rubbish I have been born in Uganda and eating Tilapia from childhood (Gege ) local name in kiswahili no probs and have been eating Salmon since i came to Scotland in 1972 still surviving but never ate farmed fish tks

  22. Thank You for that Video it remind me the couples times l brought Farm Raised with out knowing they were Farm Raised what l notice eating them my skin itch a lot and l become very de depressed my brain become foggy can't think clearly and they give you Bad Breath.I Eat Them No More l began eating Wild Caught it is clean Fresh and Healthy and lift my mood I Never get Depressed

  23. A very Excellent an Informative Video! @ Thumbs up! This is why I do NOT eat fish! Mainly bc of how badly polluted the oceans are! But I may look for FRESH WATER Salmon and Sardines!

  24. 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Farm-Raised Fish
    May 21, 2014

    I made a point in Grain Brain
    to emphasize the importance of wild fish as opposed to farm-raised fish
    for several important reasons. I’m well aware that wild fish may not
    always be available (a situation that will no doubt become more common
    in the future), but given the chance, wild fish should be your choice,
    and here’s why:

    Farmed fish
    will provide your body with higher levels of inflammation producing
    omega-6 fatty acids, and lower levels of inflammation fighting heart and
    brain healthy omega-3s. Inflammation is a key player in virtually all
    the medical issues you don’t want to get including cancer, diabetes,
    arthritis, coronary artery disease and even Alzheimer’s.
    of the crowded conditions in which farm raised fish are raised, they
    are routinely treated with antibiotics to help prevent infection. Not
    only does this raise concern for residual antibiotic in the fish itself,
    but the use of antibiotics in this manner helps contribute to the
    ability of bacteria becoming more and more resistant to the very
    antibiotics we rely on to combat serious infectious diseases.
    Farm-raised fish may have as much as 20% less protein compared to wild fish.
    are cancer-causing chemicals that may exist in farm-raised salmon at a
    concentration 16 times higher than wild salmon, and the level of dioxin
    is also higher, by a factor of 11 fold.
    the notion that somehow fish farming is more “sustainable” makes
    absolutely no sense at all. For every pound of salmon for instance, it
    takes 2-3 pounds of fish chow made from other fish like sardines,
    mackerel, anchovies, or herring. This needs to be factored into the
    equation as stocks of the fish used to sustain the fish farms are well
    on their way to becoming depleted.

    So again, my best
    advice is to seek out wild fish whenever possible, and be sure to check
    labels. Don’t be fooled by names like “Atlantic Salmon.” While you might
    think that Atlantic salmon means the fish was harvested from the
    Atlantic Ocean, almost all Atlantic salmon is actually farm-raised.

  25. Write the word LOVE  on everything you eat and drink it will change the item at the molecular level where apon the atoms will coalesce into sacred geometric patterns eliminating the discordant energy patterns . Get a Pulsor and touch the item with it and you can change its polarity to one that is helpful . Learn Chi Gong and become a breath Arian and You will not need to Eat .  You Are Healed .

  26. Bruh, no offense to the uploader of the video (you did a good job).
    Its just that honestly i do not know if i should believe these so called “experts.”
    What am i going to eat?? I bet you that soon vitamins and proteins are going to be life threatening.
    If humanity was not such a “pig” in polluting the ocean and messing with the atmosphere and temperature, none of this would be happening. I know im part of these destructive species but I honestly have major beef with humanity and this retarded society that revolves around a piece of paper colored green with an unimportant profile of a forgotten specimen. Btw I really do appreciate those of you who are actually good people.

  27. I love seafood especially salmon and tilapia. But I stopped eating all seafood about 6 months ago and will never eat again. I saw on a program about fish that when you see string looking things in your fish it is actually worms. The fish that I had been buying I noticed these string looking things. I know cooking will kill anything but I find it repulsive to be eating cooked worms.

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  31. I find it hilarious how our population rejects information and continues to do something that's detrimental to their health 🤦

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    How do you suggest we get vitamin D through food? 15 eggs a day?? Sigh.

    And.. Google is noones friend.

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