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100 comments on “Why I Love Mexican Street Food: the Burger Episode (Hamburguesa Mexicana)

  1. Hola amigos! This crazy little video is getting a ton of views so I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Dan and I make 2 or 3 videos a week on the streets of Mexico. My goal with The New Travel is to tell real travel stories about the places I visit, not just to show the tourist spots. So if you like that sort of travel, click subscribe and follow on instagram for more 🙂

  2. Hi, I just subscribed, you should visit Monterrey and try carne asada, cabrito, empalmes, machacado etc

  3. Couldn't agree more. Street Food and food in general is the great equalizer. Break Bread…

  4. I’m Mexican. The only problem is when I travel to Mexico. They think I’m a “gringo” because I have fair skin and green eyes. They are supposed to be my people but in most places of Mexico besides Guadalajara. I get treated like a tourist. Which I am. But I get the “outsider treatment”.
    I hope it doesn’t discourage anyone because culturally Mexicans are very nice and welcoming people. But my question is, how did you do certain shots without your camera being stolen?
    I shoot with a D500 and I would not feel comfortable setting it up on my tripod and moving away from it.
    Not saying they’ll steal it.
    But the vagabonds will.

  5. Yum! I would have ordered mine with reverse on the amounts of ketchup & mustard. And a diet coke.🤤🤤

  6. Such a great example you gave about street food being "equal." When you said nice restaurants are only for the wealthier, and that those same people aren't seen in certain other eateries, but they all eat street food….such a great example.

  7. White people solely eat based on appearance. I’m glad they do so they never experience anything other than their gumbo and other bullshit foods

  8. In Mexico there are different types and prices of food: quality food well prepared and street food usually but not exclusively cheap and poorly cooked. I prepare the US-style hamburger with 200 grams meat, cheddar cheese, pickles, for example, and in the streets, you can find it with lower quality meat, very thin and with little vegetables.

  9. I love how Americans try different foods and love it..and the whole world criticizes America for its years of food heritage .. For example. Italians criticize the pizza.

  10. Hola amigo, deberías de ir a pinotepa de don luis, Oaxaca, es un buen lugar. Saludos ✌️

  11. 0:50 Spanish 101: the letter "e" sounds like "Ehh" and the letter "i" sounds like "Eee". Co-lee-ma and Mo-rehh-lia

  12. You’re right Mexicans do view food as an experience to be shared beyond all classes. There’s something for everyone. Those burgers did look incredible!

  13. Esas hamburguesas son mis favoritas.😍 y solo las como ahí por su sabor.👍🏻 las súper recomiendo.

  14. Street food and street art. What's not to love? The burgers remind me of a couple of hamburger joints we have here in Alabama that fry their patties in butter (of course.)

  15. Only because it looks a bit messy doesn't mean it will taste awful. It look so good and rich flavors even. I envy you today !

  16. I worked in a coffe shop in La Roma and sometimes i eat that burgers jajaja this makes me so hungry. Cool video! I hope you and your gf enjoy México

  17. I didn't care for the street hamburgers where we lived in Cd Mante, Tamaulipas. They were super thin with the cheapest cheese. The hot dogs were pathetic too. There, the place to get a good hot dog is called Doggo's and La Pizarra makes amazing hamburgers, gourmet burgers, really.

  18. That's the other good thing of eating street food, for 30 minutes you share your time with a bunch of unknown people and at the end you make tons of friends 😉

  19. I would love to taste it. Unfortunately, it would be quite a long flight. Great channel. Will be interesting to watch more.

  20. I love all your videos and blogs about mi lindo Mexico keep em coming dude hope you are enjoying your stay at my country 🇲🇽

  21. Wow, love this video! We were in Mexico City for a week in August and fell in love. It’s such an amazing place! The food, the parks, the people. We definitely want to go back and are excited to share our experiences! New to the channel. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  22. That Burger looks good, definitely better than McDonald's, but it's just fine to like McDonald's, but there's so many other choices, and they tend to be so much better, and I use to favor McDonald's, but I guess, I got a change of heart after I worked at a McDonald's, because when you work at a Restaurant, you'll get used to the smell of that Restaurants Food to the point to where you get tired of it, because you smell it every day.

  23. A veces las hamburguesas les ponen tanta katsup mostaza y otras cosas mas que se aguada todo y ya no sabe nada rico

  24. Burger with pineapple ? 🤔 I never had that before damn I must try it . Is it really that good brother?

  25. Oh no its time for us whities to co.e in and complain like the mexicans do aboit tacobell….tgus isnt no fuckn burger its shit on a bun….american birger all day that mexican street burger sucks

  26. My friends who have already been to Mexico always rave about, Mexican street food. Though Mexico is not a popular travel destination among Indians but still It has always been on my list and those burgers surely looks delicious.. 🙂

  27. Mexican burgers I've had in Michoacan have double meat bacon when you ask and avocado the whole works and a jalapeno on the side some places add a hot dog sliced down the middle or have a grill peice of sandwhich ham.. which they call "Hamburgesa Especial" similar to how some tortas have all this its kind of a mash up of the two, but I stick with the Patties most of the time.

  28. This is interesting to note! Then again the best burger I have had was in Israel! Love the street art around the stand, it’s awesome!

  29. DAMNB IT, Now I have to settle for a substitute at Whataburger in Texas. Thanks for your wonderful videos. Try to do one of "El Chepe" The train trip through Copper Canyon

  30. No mames! I'm from Morelia (like the street that appears in the video), Mexico, I currently live in the Czech Republic. And I miss that hamburger style !! I just ate and I was hungry again.

  31. What I love when I visit Mexico (from the state of Guanajuato ) is the hamburgers because they make them with ham inside in addition to the regular burger 🍔 and it’s so good

  32. Looks good, but Americanized. Where’s the bologna and avacado. I dont think they even toasted the bread on the griddle. Dan you got robbed.

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