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Why I Love Mexican Street Food: the Fish Taco Episode (Tacos de Pescado)

Why I Love Mexican Street Food: the Fish Taco Episode (Tacos de Pescado)

[Music] what is up guys I’m here on the streets of Port Lavaca and today I’m gonna try and have some of the best fish tacos you can find this little place in front of me my reefs coast Rafa was recommended as having great fish tacos we’re gonna check it out it’s gonna be fun let’s go I’m here today with a friend from the hostel who’s visiting from Turkey what’s up man hey I’m good I’m good thanks for receiving you’ve been spending some time traveling in Mexico right yeah what do you think of the country it’s amazing it’s just all you cannot support I hope these tacos are all I can ask for too no taco de pescado hey you know the Decameron and also here today is Anastasia who is visiting Mexico how long have you been in Mexico six months what do you think of this country so far it’s funny country lucha gasps is we rock do you remember the name of this drink I’m drinking really okay we have one taco Cameroon and one a pescado obviously it is not ready yet I’m gonna add some add some ingredients coming this this is spicier and this one okay I’m not taking her advice I’ll see how it does I can see some habanero peppers so it’s probably probably has some kick first taco today let’s go with the bisque Andale it’s gonna be good that fish is incredible how did they get it that soft [Music] you guys know I love Mexico City for tacos but when it comes to the freshness of the fish this is about as good as it gets in Mexico from my from my experience that’s my Rico this is what I love about this country you just have a little stand on the corner small little place with big big taste that’s the Mexican way and hope you guys enjoyed this little look at fish tacos in Puerto Verta as always I’m Dan from the new travel see you next time [Music] you [Music]

91 comments on “Why I Love Mexican Street Food: the Fish Taco Episode (Tacos de Pescado)

  1. Hi Dan!! When you come to Baja California you're gonna have to go to Ensenada, "tacos de pescado" is one of the famous dishes there, and then you will have to go to Puerto Nuevo to try the lobster together with butter, gigantic tortillas de harina, frijolitos guisados and arroz rojo mexicano, put it un you're "must do and visit" list.Enjoy Vallarta!! 😍

  2. tacos de pescado 😍 not long ago i had 2 of those, but accidentally put habanero salsa instead of the one made out of tomatoes so i couldn't enjoy them as much as I wanted 😭

  3. How long are you going to be here? I have a guest staying from Italy. We could all meet up somewhere. You would love meeting her.

  4. Hey dan wile your in jalisco state try biria,ceviche de pescado, ceviche de carne,coctel de camarones con pulpo,se what you think does are some of mexicos best foods

  5. One of my favorite placses in all of mexico is Acapulco its alittle dangerous at the moment but it use to be the #1 destination in mexico the famouse cliff divers it is classic vintage mexico

  6. Hi friend. Welcome back to México!
    I hope you continue enjoying all that my country have to offer you c:
    I'm glad to see you back and hope you come to visit Cancun Mexico soon🇲🇽❤️

  7. That Russian girl answered Dans question about how does she feel about Mexico and she goes
    ‘’Mexico is Funny” … I didn’t get that ….😏

  8. Oh man, you're videos are CHIDO but they're tantalizing to one's senses, specifically the tastes buds! You ALWAYS ROCK Dan. 🙂

  9. 0:13 The sign in the background says apartments from 139,000 usd, I cannot afford a house with that price in Texas, let alone in Mexico, over priced bs.

  10. Often the reason it tastes good is because it’s loaded with MSG/Monosodium Glutamate/Flavour Enhancers, also known as “Yeast Extract” or food additive numbers E621 E635, etc. You added the sauce from an unmarked bottle, it likely had MSG. The fish batter usually contains spices, and usually contains MSG. Even the wrap likely contains the spice. I love street food but I’m also suspicious of any food that tastes “too good” considering how simple it is. MSG is actually quite unhealthy especially for sensitive individuals. Some countries use it excessively without even being aware of what it is as it’s included in many pre-mixed spices (sometimes even table salt). Even the street food vendor likely has no idea what it is.

  11. The first time I saw a fish taco, the guy behind the counter threw what looked like a fish stick in the microwave. I never did try it. What you had looks good. Reminds me of tempura.

  12. Dan, go to Tacos Memo on the corner of Basillo Badillo and Aquacate and try a bin laden (It has shrimp). They are amazing. It is only open in the evening and closed on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

  13. Your editing skills have improved a lot! Will you come to the north of Mexico? There are delicious fish tacos in Ensenada as well 🙂

  14. Hey @Dan ! @TheNewTravel . @1:47 it's arrayán, a fruit. The plant is of the same type as the myrtle, if what I read is correct! 😅

  15. I love that you travel all over Mexico. It's really helpful for people like me who are dreaming of going to Mexico but can't just yet. There are a lot of you tubers who go to a country and only go to the capital/biggest city and never go anywhere else which I find boring. You're the best!

  16. I'm allergic to all see food but my husband always ask for those kind of fish tacos🤣🤦‍♀️ look good👍🏻

  17. Your friend Burok has the right idea about Mexico. Tired of reading about over-sensationalized articles and responding to folks who have never been to Mexico, yet think it's the worst, crime-ridden place in the entire world. Cheers bud

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