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Why ‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher Shot Her Lover’s Wife

Why ‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher Shot Her Lover’s Wife

my two beautiful children are having a difficult time leaving me alone they are afraid I might not be there when they get home from school they have been severely traumatized by this event and this to me is the greatest tragedy of all all this damaged by someone who still shows absolutely no remorse for her actions the final chapter in the saga of the Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher coming face-to-face with her victim sometimes I think this is a nightmare and it didn’t happen and then I realized it did it was the first time Amy Fisher had seen Mary Jo Buttafuoco since May 19th 1992 the day she sauntered up to the Long Island housewives home and put a bullet in her head this time the two met in a court to hear a judge sentence Amy Fisher to five to 15 years in prison for many months you had stalked Mary Jo Buttafuoco like a wild animal stalks his prey motivated by lust and passion you were a walking stick of dynamite with the fuse lifts the seductive teenager says she had a steamy romance with Mary Jo Buttafuoco says Ben Joey a man old enough to be her father he was the 36 year old owner of the local auto body shop she was a 16 year old high school student when she says the affair began today Amy Fisher stuck to her story these things are on earth they are all true they effects and I cannot and will not take them back for the sake of harmony Mary Jo spoke of her own truths and railed against the girl who permanently disfigured her the bullet is still lodged in the base of my brain and causes me constant pain and suffering the future holds numerous operations and if there is any unnatural movement of the bullet I’m faced with paralysis and perhaps even death she defends her husband of 20 years the father of her two young children police say Joey Buttafuoco initially admitted to having an affair with Amy Fisher today at a news conference he claimed he never had sex with the teenager Amy Fisher is a liar and has zero credibility she knows that I know she’s a liar I know she has no credibility Joey was not in court today once again Mary Jo faced Amy Fisher alone she read a letter written by her young daughter Jessica thank you for putting Amy Fisher in jail she has done so many bad things to my family and I please make Amy Fisher stay in jail for a very long time so she can’t hurt my mom again my daddy brother Paul and I love her very much the judge showed no sympathy for Amy you are a tragedy and disgrace to yourself to your family to your friends and to society and you deserve no less than the maximum sentence I can impose by law Amy said she was sorry if I could change everything I would if I could put my hand over her face and make it go away I would while Amy and her lawyer are still furious that Jo Buttafuoco was never charged with any crime the prosecutor says he is leaving Joey alone Amy Fisher was not believable and we don’t prosecute people course they’re called lowlifes even before today’s formal sentencing Amy had already chosen to return to jail to escape the media circus that drove her to two suicide attempts I don’t want to be the Amy Fisher that stands yet today I want to be the Amy Fisher that I was before I met Jo Buttafuoco in November of 1990 you

31 comments on “Why ‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher Shot Her Lover’s Wife

  1. Shoots her in the head and the victim happened to not die and the shooter gets out in 7 years. Something wrong with the law right there. She needs to get life imprisonment.

  2. Crazy how she forgave him when he's the reason this happened in the first place especially him being a child molester for having sex with a minor! Many Woman need to learn they own self worth

  3. I remember when this happened I was a teen-ager, just look at him he looks like the kind of guy he thinks he' s ladys man, I would not give him any attention he just wanted her for one thing, she was to lost in la la Land/puppy love she was going through, she's a DIP!!!!!!!👩Shame on her for what she did to Mary Jo she's a innocent lady a mom God bless Mary Jo I hope she's still here on earth with us and her family, for Amy / joey stud man they both need to be punished for the rest of they life's, they have to answer to the Holy Father for this horrible act they tried to pull off!!!!!!

    This story just upsets me if this was my daughter I would have sent her away like a all girls school or Military school or maybe the nun's home " convent " that would be my punishment…. She would be able to come back home once she learned how to behave and have manners and how to act like a young lady not a whore !!!!!🤔😮🤕😕✝️

  4. Wow, this clip takes me back. I was 12 years old and growing up in Suffolk County on Long Island when this occurred! I wonder what ever happened to this chick, after she was released, after only 7 years. I agree with other commenters. She should've gotten more time. 🙄

  5. She shouldn’t only be mad at the other woman because her selfish husband was 50% of that affair…

  6. Dude I know these type of things and that guy was lying his ass off I saw his eyes he was lying you know if he took a polygraph it will show that he was blind his ass off

  7. Amy was plea-bargaining here, pleading guilty to assault instead of attempted murder. Did she and her attorney think she was gonna get LESS than FIVE years!?!? (Just because they got the title of the crime altered to something less serious?)

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