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Why The Golden Chippy Has The Best Fish And Chips In London | Legendary Eats

Why The Golden Chippy Has The Best Fish And Chips In London | Legendary Eats

Narrator: We crowned Golden Chippy as our favorite fish and chip shop in London. Here’s why this proper,
traditional chippy in the southeast of England’s capital came out on top. Name is Chris. I’m from Cyprus. I came here when I was 17 years old. I was hoping to become
a surgeon on the humans, and I ended up being surgeon of the fish. Golden Chippy has been open for 15 years, and I started it from
scratch, but these hands been playing with fish for 42 years now. Narrator: The Golden
Chippy currently holds the No. 1 position on TripAdvisor for the best fish and
chip restaurant in London, but in 2016 it managed
to claim the top spot for the best restaurant in the whole city. Part of the restaurant’s
achievement is due to the friendly service of the staff and its large portions of
fish, which Chris has described as having a special ingredient
of lots and lots of TLC. With the secret recipe of the batter, cooked at the right temperature, sitting there for one or two
minutes to drain properly, gives it that fantastic crispy finish, which is very light batter, very tasty fish, and not greasy at all. Anything I serve to the customer
has got to be good enough for my belly. If it’s
good enough for my belly, then it’s good enough for my customers. So we’ve got this absolutely massive plate of cod and chips here with a nice load of mushy peas at the side and some salad. Harry: So just looking at this, I am super excited to tuck in. The batter is visibly crispy
and the chips as well, these are like proper chip-shop chips. We’ve got that thickness on all sides, nice and golden brown on the outside, I’m hoping nice and light
and fluffy on the inside, but we’re gonna find out. Cheers
Ju: OK, cheers. It’s like lava. It’s just
so unbelievably smooth and just really, really
nice sort of like fish flow, texture, this is absolutely
melting in my mouth. The batter is extremely
crispy. It’s living up to all, lives up to how it
looks, and you really get that nice texture of,
the contrast in textures, between the crisp of the batter and the flaky soft melt-in-the-mouth fish. It’s really, really good. So we saw them preparing
these chips from scratch out the back, which is great
’cause you know they’re not just buying in a frozen thing, this is freshly made,
freshly peeled potato. You can taste potato, which is always good for a chippy chip,
normally with chippy chips they might be a little bit too greasy, but this is just, I mean the
taste of the potato inside is obviously coming through. Also they fry it in just
the same oil as the fish, so I’m getting almost a
little fishy taste from it. It’s like the whole… I love it, fishy taste. It’s quite a skill to
deep-fry a whole meal and not end up with something
that tastes just of oil or that feels too heavy, but
this really does manage it, could happily eat this whole plate.

100 comments on “Why The Golden Chippy Has The Best Fish And Chips In London | Legendary Eats

  1. That piece of fish had more personality and charm than the two presenters. Also, this really doesn't look that good.

  2. Worked in fast food. Most oil looks that dark in general from the constant frying. Also, that's where a lot of the flavor comes from. Yes, oil does need to be changed after awhile but you will lose a lot of flavor when you do. But trust, it goes black again in a couple of weeks lol

  3. Yum! Look how crispy that fish is – I want that batter recipe 😋😋😋 ……..I totally thought that there was guacamole on the side though until they said what it was lol

  4. If you want real fish and chips go up a north, this chip shop ain't all that. The presenters are donuts 👎🏼

  5. I need to go to that fish shop in Greenwich one day. Only been to the traditional pie and mash shop around the corner.

  6. Nice, you just reused footage from your last video. Those two are the most bland boring presenters ever. And the woman says her chips taste like potato…

  7. What about the people who are allergic to fish? What if they just want chips but can die if the chips is cooked in same oil as the fish?

  8. When she said lava I heard "larvae"… and I think even the guy next to her who also has an accent heard the same thing, because he looks as disgusted as I feel. I mean Lava, really? You're doing a food review video and that was the best thing you could come up with? unsubscribing now, and totally wondering why I ever was subscribed to begin with as this video sucks that bad. EEWWW. I feel bad for the guy with the restaurant.. it's not his fault.

  9. So greasy, instant heart attack, pure cholesterol. British and American food so unhealthy. God help us

  10. Nothing traditional about a side salad with a fish supper not gonna fix that heart disease you’ve got coming

  11. Only the budget for one portion? Either that or the business owner gave it away for free as a consequence of free publicity (this video). My point is that I wouldn't sit and share a meal like that. I'd share it if it was divided between two saucepans though

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  15. I’ve conquered all the chippys
    I’m never gonna stop
    Chips and peas and gravy
    I’ve ate the fuckin lot

  16. Tripadvisor will give u good recommendations but most of the time not the best….. search top restaurants in your own city and see how much u agree with the list

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