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Why We Should All Care About Saving the Tuna – The Jim Jefferies Show

Why We Should All Care About Saving the Tuna – The Jim Jefferies Show

Tonight, we heard about the efforts to save some of the world’s most beautiful animals. And isn’t that really part of the problem? Preservation is important, but everyone loves cute, smart animals. Who will stand for the unattractive, stupid ones? Like dumb, ugly tuna. I can’t even get a can if there’s a chance that some beautiful dolphin who’s so smart got a bit of his flipper in there. Think about how amazing the tuna is. It’s the most versatile animal in the world. It can be an expensive delicacy prepared by a world-class chef using a $2,000 sushi knife, or it can be slapped on a Subway sandwich using an ice cream scoop. No other animal has such range. Save the tuna. F**k dolphins! F**k ’em! They’re too flashy! With their blowholes and their shit-eating grins! People think it’s cute when they swim alongside the boat. It’s not cute! They’re just f**king showing off! Like an old, Italian guy who pulls up in a Ferrari and revs his engine. [Italian accent] “Hey, a-principessa! How’d you like-a-to be with a real fish?” Oh, yeah, by the way, dolphins are fish. Don’t give me that “mammal” bullshit. If a dolphin was at a party with a human and a fish, who do you think it would have a better conversation with? The fish and the dolphin have way more in common. They’re f**king fish. You too, penguins. You’re not birds. Birds fly. “Oh, but I have wings.” They’re not wings! They’re fins, you dickheads! You’re fish! Tunas give so much and they ask so little. So help me speak for the tuna by using the hashtag #MeTuna.

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  1. And whether dipped in soy sauce or dipped in mayo, tuna is delicious. Btw, if dolphins are so smart, why do they hang out around the fishing boats? If they were so smart they would know by now fishnets are bad. If they're so smart why are there dolphins at SeaWorld? Obviously they didn't listen to the Killer Whales.

  2. If we save tuna, we have to exterminate the fuckers that microwave the stuff the office microwave. They don't deserve to live.

  3. Seriously, though, tuna are some of the top predators of the ocean, so everything else will end up “overgrazing” w/out them.

  4. Thats way im voting for this one Party, PAN, to create a N.H.S for Animals or NHSA… Free Health for Cats, Dogs, Tarantulas and, why not, Tuna !!!

  5. Bottlenosed dolphins use them as dildos on each other. They also were given a mirror in their testing pool while they were having sex and they got more animated…they were into it. I think a policeman's cap or nurse's bonnet on one would be worth a try.

  6. Why don't we just eat all the asshole animals. Sharks? assholes! Hyenas? Also assholes. Pigs? Okay, not technically assholes, but they taste good, so toss them on the list.

  7. He has a point, bluefin tuna are endangered due to overfishing, some can sell up to $1 million because they're the largest and rarer to get.

  8. Climate change is an acceptable wedge issue of the radical environmental movement. Like cigarette smoking thirty years ago, the government funded research has been done. In fact enough government funded research had been done twenty years prior when my sensible parents crushed their last cigarettes. It is one of my first memories, after my ear infections as a four and five year old, likely caused by second hand smoke. Climate change has had the same big business backlash as cigarette smoking, clearly documented ad nauseam. Rich people don't want a huge source of income threatened, so they use their control of advertising revenue in capitalist society to control information.

    Things are much worse than mere climate change. Humans are overpopulated. To admit this, one must accept that humans are not a Supreme species. Any time that other species have had a hockey stick increase in population, there frequently is an immediate collapse of this species' population. Granted, humans are smart, but why don't we as an organized society become smart enough to advertise birth control everywhere, combined with very sensible warnings about the likely immediate future?

    Tuna is one species, again the large fish have been decimated from the oceans for decades now. I appreciate Jim Jeffries giving attention to this issue. I also appreciate Jim Jeffries smacking down, professional wrestling style the right wing turd Jordan Peterson, some months ago now over the cake issue. Is there a joke involving lobsters, daddies, cake and queens to be gotten from that? Maybe for a greater mind than mine.

  9. doplhins are fish because fish doesnt really mean anything, its not like bird or mammal. It only means that thing over there that swims in the ocean. Nothing to do with actual classification.

  10. Am I overthinking, by pointing out that canned tuna you get for 2 dollars and blue fin tuna served by a gourmet chef are different fish?

    Yes I think I am

  11. I hate it when my sense of humor must compete with my feminist understanding of right and wrong.😂🤣😂🤣#metuna #sofunnysowrong

  12. I think they’re beautiful fish…but I grew up catching them every weekend. My dad’s mantra was, you only catch what you can eat…so we’d catch no more than 2, but most weekends were 0 – 1. There’s nothing like eating sashimi right from the fish. 😁

  13. So if penguins are fish because they can’t fly then what does that make an ostrich? A dinosaur would be the most logical answer.

  14. The way he pronounced "principessa" at 1:04 could actually mean "fish princess" in italian, the joke works beautifully and i can't figure out if he did it on purpose

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