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Why you NEED to clean your Fish tank filter

Why you NEED to clean your Fish tank filter

Hey, guys. Andrew Esquivel here back with information
on why you should always clean your filters at least once a month. What we have here is an example of a filter
that I inherited from someone that has not been cleaned probably in a year. Your filter is responsible for keeping all
the fish poo in the tray the center catches in the filter instead of releasing it back
in the tank. Now, I have not disassembled this entire thing
yet. This is pretty nasty. We have to clean off everything and this filter
that start all the way from scratch. I guarantee any biological media that was
cultured has died inside of this filter. This is just the top tray. This is a Penn Plax Cascade 1500 so there’s
five stages. You can see between each of the stages there’s
tons and tons of gunk. Wow. Well, we just got to remove one by one. You can see how dark and dirty the water is. What happens when you don’t cleaning it out
once in a while. This appears to be filter floss or something. Notice how it’s all just falling apart and
it smells really bad, just for reference. Oh, my gosh. I don’t know what this is but this is just
straight poo. I think this is all just straight fish poo. Wow. There’s no media in there. [background noise] Yes, it’s all just fish
poo trapped underneath the filter cloth. This filter was never deconstructed for maintenance
for about a year. Look how black the water is coming out of
this. Oh boy, that’s stage one of five. I got another stage with filter floss. Oh, my goodness. Let’s get the filter floss out of here and
you can see it’s just falling apart. Wow. If you’re wondering how nasty this is to touch. This is very worn to a very healthy hand sanitization. Here, this is charcoal. No doubt, the charcoal is bad. By now, it’s filtering capacity would have
worn out many, many months ago. That’s two stages. The further down we go, the nastier is going
to be. Here we have some more filter floss. There’s no need for this much filter floss,
by the way, if you do regular maintenance. Underneath the filter floss, we have seachem
matrix. Seachem matrix can be salvaged. It will have to be recycled all over again. Let’s just get it sanitary for now. All right, that’s stage three of five. Oh, man. Now, stage four of five. Once again, the filter floss does go bad people. It doesn’t last forever. My goodness, the stench. The stench is so bad. Bio-rings are held up. This stage is not as bad as the others but
still pretty horrible. We got the last stage which once again, that’s
just biofoam and possible bio-floss as well. Yes, this is biof-loss on top, biofoam underneath
and some ceramic rings under that. I’m just blushing these with as much hot water
as I can. No, these are not even bio-rings, these are
just pre-filter rings. They don’t have any pores on them for biological
media to grow on or for bacteria to grow on. It’s just a pre-filter stage. That’s stage five. For some reason the water is not going down. There we go, have the plastic bag got in the
way. Oh, my God. Why is at there? How did that get in there? Sanitize everything [background noise] With
all that out of the way and with the trays cleaned out, we can dump the water in the
canister filter slowly. You see that? See how dirty that is? How nasty that is? Wow. Okay. I actually have to take my python clean and
fill off because this is a really tall canister. In order to fit this canister under here for
some hot, hot water. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I have soap
down here at all times. Non-antibacterial, there’s a good reason for
that. Trust me. You put your hands in the water as much as
I do and you have antibacterial soap in your hand and the soap comes off your hands. The antibacterial properties have a very slim
chance of hurting your biological media or killing off the bacteria as this is antibacterial
soap. I use non-antibacterial soap down here. In this case, scalding hot water. Trying to do this with one hand is very difficult
but, I think we got it. Some of it got on my foot. Oh, God. That is much better than before. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why you absolutely
must clean whatever filter you use at least once a month. I’ve no idea why this ear plug is in here. Because if you don’t, it builds up. It creates gunk, reduces water flow and will
eventually kill any beneficial bacteria if left unchecked enough because look at all
of this nastiness. I can’t believe I’m holding this. Hear that? That’s all fish poo, a year’s of accumulated
fish poo. If I wasn’t so used to this, I would be much
more disgusted. Thanks for watching guys. Please do your filter maintenance. It’s important. Don’t forget to comment, rate, subscribe. Check out my videos. I’ve got plenty of them. As always, stay fishy.

28 comments on “Why you NEED to clean your Fish tank filter

  1. hahaha….we have the same feeling the first time i clean my filter…so finally designed a filter that i won't be doing that again….it's on it's 4th yr now with no cleaning and still counting…hehe

  2. I had to leave for 7 months, told my mom please look after my fish tank.
    Gave her a 1 year supply of HOB filters for my 75 G 4 black Moore gold fish.
    When I returned I had 3 survived and she claimed I never told her to change the filters once a month. (I thinks​ she was adding water when it got to low)

  3. Ive had my canisters running for close to 3weeks im cleaning mine next weekend dam thats nasty😕😕😕😕😬😬😬😬

  4. I know this was posted last year but I have to know was the motor still running before you cleaned this out? I have 2 cascade 1000 and I could never let my filters get this bad.

  5. It's a year. What you doing? I mean, I'm just, what? You like the poo and cleaning? Thank you for your blatant advice? Haha. Nice you like fish es

  6. This is the equivalent of never cleaning out the cat litter box for a month (at best). I hope whoever gave you this filter stopped keeping fish ….. FOREVER!

  7. Why the feck would you grab it with your fingers? Just flip the baskets over into a trash bag. Blegh I think I threw up in my mouth.

  8. you just waisted the best fertilizer in the world by draining all that black gold down the drain what a WAIST lol

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