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Why You Need to Take a Fish Oil Supplement Everyday with Dr. Jeff Davis

Why You Need to Take a Fish Oil Supplement Everyday with Dr. Jeff Davis

hi Bonvera I’m Dr. Jeff Davis with
Phyzix MD one of the nutritional deficiencies that I see on a daily basis
in my clinic is with omega-3 fatty acids now these are essential to us meaning
that we can’t manufacture them on our own they have to come from dietary
sources there’s two main sources of omega-3s which animals and plants
now EPA and DHA they come from Coldwater fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines,
anchovies, and tuna I’m not a big fan of tuna because they concentrate mercury
that’s naturally the mercury that’s naturally found in the sea ALA is coming
from flax seed, walnuts, and chia seeds now an important thing to remember is
we’re not very good at converting that ALA into EPA and DHA and that’s one
reason that I recommend taking fish oil since it’s a convenient way to get your
omega-3 fatty acids now omega-3s there are essential nutrients for helping
prevent and manage heart disease they’re a part of every cell in our body the
brain is mostly made of DHA and they can help reduce blood pressure and help with
healthy cholesterol levels those with high triglycerides especially can really
benefit from fish oil omega-3 fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory
especially the EPA component in their Omega max is made from the highest
quality fish oil that’s bioavailable and it’s fresh meaning there’s no oxidation
and this particular fish oil is guaranteed to be free of mercury and
other potentially harmful chemicals with Phyzix MD Omega max you’re getting a
clinically proven high quality fish oil that’s easily absorbed so if eating oily
fatty fish doesn’t appeal to you get the omega-3s your body needs with Omega Max
helping people live better lives for Phyzix MD I’m Dr. Jeff Davis

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