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  1. This video is full of BS. Almost every claim is either an exaggeration, a misinterpretation/oversimplification of the facts, or a blatant lie. For instance, 1. the catastrophist prediction that the oceans will be "fishless" by 2048 has nothing to do with overfishing. 2. Commercial fisheries are a minority of all the fish in the oceans and they stop being profitable way before they run out of fish. 3. Not all fish are polluted equally: some fish are heavily polluted whereas others are almost clean (e.g., mussels, squid). On the other hand, plant foods aren't free of pollutants either. Most of the rice grown in the world (as well as numerous other crops to lesser extent), the staple most consumed in the world by humans, is heavily polluted with arsenic.

  2. I catch most of the fish I eat. I also sometimes buy Alaskan Cod and wild caught salmon. The reason it will be such a disaster if the Oceans have no more fish is because so many people depend on seafood . I’d bet that in Asia there are just as many people enslaved growing vegetables as there are fishing.

  3. Fish was the hardest thing to give up when I went vegan. Eating obscure, rare fish was a hobby of mine. I used to believe that eating fancy sushi was a fashionable thing to do. Foolish youth.

  4. I disagree that we should COMPLETELY stop fishing but just decrees the numbers allowed to keep because fish breed so fast so it should be at a minimal of 10,000 fish a month.

  5. im eating some home-made sushi right now. i had squid last week at a restaurant. fish is so delicious! my favorite is tuna, crab legs, and of course, some spicy crawfish!! i like northern catch (i think thats the brand) the best!

  6. Perhaps the most important yet most widely ignored environmental and human rights issue. It's really unfortunate that many people believe being a pescatarian is more ethical and environmentally conscious than eating other animal products.

  7. Well I guess I'll just fish my own fish.

    But like isn't there this organization that tries not to cause too much harm? MSC? Sustainable fishing?

  8. You need to look for sustainable fish at the stores. It has a logo on it to show that it is approved. If done right fish farms arnt all that bad. But the problem is that alot of fish farms are in terrible conditions

  9. Haha a you vegans are killing the world 3 beans takes 6 rooms of water year just 2 and you say all this stuff but we are not over fishing

  10. When I think of fish, I think dolphins. Dolphins are cool. Not food. Dolphins are not for us to have for lunch.
    Dolphins are c00l.

  11. I think there are some very significant argument raised in this video but i would recommend a harvard study on the benefits/risks of fish for another insight

  12. What about because of the pollution of bodies and other stuff by hurricane Katrina and or the bp oil spill?

  13. I went vegan 7.5 years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and got out of a wheelchair.

    I ate a lot of vegan junk food with saturated fat and have been going backwards health-wise.

    Been doing a lot of research and have pretty much dismissed the wahls protocol which is a paleo diet, but a m going back to more of the OMS diet. Folks in online groups about the OMS diet talk about how vital the fishes for it, whereas others say that taking fresh flaxseed oil twice a day will work fine.

    I am hella conflicted

  14. Allergic to shrimp and never liked fish so always stayed away from all forms of sea food. Thankful for this extra information were truly gonna be the cause of wether our planet survives or dies.

  15. wow i

    As someone who has become pescatarian recently this is a huge mind opener this is fucking crazy i didn't know it was this bad I'm definitely going to go full Vegetarian soon.

  16. What people forget is That humans are still animals and preditors That eat meat. If a fox kills a rabbit even though he could eat berries( true fact look it up) you’d yea that’s nature. But when a human kills a fish Noooo
    But That doesn’t mean you should eat fish That has been captured Bye slaves
    And off course the other reasons are pretty good

  17. I catch my own fish, kill them humanely, treat them with respect as an animal, fish in sustained fisheries, for sustained species, legally and following all laws and regulations. It really all depends on how the animal is treated. My family has passed down this knowledge for three generations, and one day I will be proud to pass this on to my children.

  18. You're retarded. Salmon is one of the most healthy foods you could ever eat. Fuck you and if meat becomes illegal I'll start hunting vegans.

  19. „Vegan activist” and you know that here will be only fucking about imagine „pain and anim cruelty”.

  20. Ok I can give you credit for a good video in the sense that you took your time and made something that people like to watch but quit being bias. Why dont you cover how many people are getting murdered producing avocados or any other fruit or vegetable for that matter. A lot of fruits and vegetables that are coming from other foreign countries also experience the same. To me you created this video to make eating fish look bad because your vegan. You didnt cover the broader truth that this actually happens every where. You talked so heavily on the slavery aspect of fishing that to me your trying to draw at peoples emotions of why its humanly bad instead of providing multiple sources of information from both sides of the train tracks. Very 1 sided video.

  21. 4:18 But taste (and craving certain tastes, like fish) is one of the main driving forces behind choosing what goes on our plate… a perfectly legitimate reason for those people who happily view humans as omnivores. Also, I would back efforts to prevent any slave trade occurring, but that in itself doesn’t require all fishing to cease.

  22. I quit eating fish when i was 13 but sadly, my mom forced me to eat it. I tried to educate her about how plastic pollution is killing a lot of fish and she told me that it was nonsense. Please help me.

  23. Great video! Some of the links below for more information aren’t working.. do you have any updates links with facts/statistics on fishing/bycatch? Thank you!!!

  24. Just shut up no one wants to listen to u go on and on about how meat is killing the planet we have to hunt in Ohio so deer don't overpopulate

  25. Dang boi didn't know veganism caused people to grow vaginas and make documentaries about their nonsensical mannerisms. I bet you're a SJW as well!

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