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WILD FISH STORIES vlog #1 | Swedish Tragedy. Broken rod, drowned drone!

WILD FISH STORIES vlog #1 | Swedish Tragedy. Broken rod, drowned drone!

Sunk drone, broken rod, no bites. No one said that it will be easy. Ready? Ready. We can go. Net for big fish, rods. 6:55 am Good time. Good, the sunset is in 30 minutes. They supposed to bite in the morning but they don’t. I heard it. You almost break of your lure, and my head. Oh, fish on! Jumped out of the water. What a beautiful scene! I casted straight at him. Damn, I like it! Rod 1-5 grams. Oh, not under the boat. Yay, awesome. How is the footage? Nice one, quite fast. Nice. Size – “good one”. We had quite an unlucky day. No one said that it will be easy. Sunk drone, broken rod, no bites, but we assume that all of this will bring us luck. We will show what we are capable of. Recently, I got from my buddy, cheers Meru! I got very old Mepps spinner bait. I’m not sure but, I think it has at least 20 years. It remembers the times of post office subscription. On the back you can find name, adress, city, state and zip code. If you want to get like a newsletter. Mepps of course. Nr. 4. With the fish tail. So, how it’s called “unboxing”. Let’s see. It’s a shame to open it. I had it for a long time. It opened easy, because of the water. Had it for a really long time, and didn’t want to open it. We will see, nr. 4. 79,5cm. Let’s say 80. Hope you will swim away. O shit, it stays in on place. It’s a snag, man. No, no, nooo. Is it a light rod? Yup. I can see fish next to it. Look I have here and there is a fish next to it. I can’t see it. I’m not able to do much. The snug doesn’t swim aside. But it stays in one place. Yeah, it does. Because it’s a snug. No, no no. It’s not a snug. I don’t want to break it off. Don’t pull maybe it come out. In my opinion it’s not a fish. Man, it swam aside, I felt the the bite. I have no idea what to do, but I’m 100% sure it’s a fish. Oh, it’s coming! No. It’s not a fish? Maybe it’s a perch? There is a pike under that! Look! It’s really deep. &^#[email protected], it broke off. I hooked him by the back, I saw it by the end. How long it is? 84cm. Magical border of 83cm beaten. How do you feel about it? Finally. Finally it happened. Yesterday, We didn’t drink and went early to sleep. And it was worth it! This is it! On Mepps! It’s HUGE! 20 years old mepps… just unboxed… What a beast! Second fish, Had another a second before. Much smaller. I would like a measure. Last time w couldn’t find it either. We will measure in another way. The measure is only one. Where is it, like here? 80cm? No. it can’t be. Yeah, here is 80cm. 80cm. Looks bigger. Oh right, I will put on my pants. The magic limit of 83cm is broken! It is! How do you feel about it man? Finally! Finally it worked! Yesterday we didn’t drink and go to sleep early. And as you can see it was worth it. This is it! On Mepps. It’s HUGE! Well… 20 years old mepps, just unboxed. What a beast! Super! It’s the second fish. I’ve just had one, but smaller. I would like a measure, don’t know where it is. Yeah last time couldn’t find it as well. We will measure it in a different way. The measure is only one. Where is it? Like here? 80cm? No, it’s impossible. Yeah 80cm. Looks bigger. Oh right. I put on my pants.

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