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Wild pond update, Aquarium Plants in a Wild fish tank pond!

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Friday baby how’s
everybody doing hope you’re doing well having to go pick up my kids out in the
middle of nowhere Western Kentucky on my in-laws place they got this pond I
caught some heat in the video last Sunday’s show this this is an entirely
private pond on a private lot that’s not connected to anything people brought up
a good point though about putting a non-native species out into like you
know bodies of water this is entirely sealed off I did put some water hyacinth
and some water water hyacinth lettuce out there you can see it kind of floated
around there I’ve got some back it out here I got it here but I want to show
you guys what’s going on I got this cannon that I planted the same holds
true in aquarium plants look at that Center gross you had tiny little sprig
in the middle there that’s what you want to look for I’ve also got the jungle Val
over here that’s actually grown a little bit I can show you this is totally stuff
I ruined my sandals by the way I’m my old two dollar Old Navy sandals
flip-flops broke did bring the weight if you can see the jungle bow down in there
and then I’ve also got the Taro’s you can see the Imperial taro right there
and the black magic putting off a new runner so that’s exciting and as I was
walking up to the pond this sucker came was flipped over on his back so let me
come and tried to get away but I got him so I’m not going to take him home with
me as much as I would like to and I’m certainly going to wash my hands pretty
good but nice little mr. Richard slider in here so I’m gonna let this guy go see
you buddy have a great life and yeah that’s what I’m doing so new growth it’s
cool I don’t think it’s going to like overtake anything glad to see this stuff
going I’m excited to see what this looks like coming you know next time I hear
little lily and you’ll notice I’m rocking the back out here rocking the
fire department New York City cuz June 27th I’m going to be a reefa Palooza my
man Lou Schiavo get Reaper Palooza is coming on New York New Jersey area I’m
real pumped about that click the link and check out the details on there I’ll
be hanging out running around be there all day Saturday a little bit of Sunday
come check it out if you’re dying to reef stuff I’m either checking out like
the lighting the flow all that all the great companies and pick people’s brains
go there be a soak sponge soak up the knowledge ah check
out the stuff Scott so that’s what I’m doing beautiful Friday here got to show
this whole area a lot of fun glad to see the plants are making it lilies there
was floating around found a turtle which made me happy toros are growing sandals
are dead but whatever so everybody hope you had an awesome week and a great
weekend we’ll talk to you on Sunday tank on litem

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