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Wild Salmon Cabbage Rolls with Bloody Mary Salsa

Wild Salmon Cabbage Rolls with Bloody Mary Salsa

So what we’re doing is cabbage rolls with
our salmon and we’re going to make a bloody Mary salsa, no vodka unfortunately, the vodka
went missing when Christy left, so what we’re doing, does anyone know what a bloody Mary
is? Maybe not cause actually in Canada we call them Caesars, so there’s a little bit
of a difference, it is different does anyone know the main difference between? So that’s
why this is a bloody Mary, we’re not using the clamato, clamato in the Caesar which is
like a seasoned tomato juice it has tomato juice, it has clam juice, it has some other
seasonings, yeah clam juice might throw everyone off but that’s the main component of your
Caesar and then don’t ask for a Caesar in the states they will not know what you are
talking about, they’ll bring you a Caesar salad, bloody Mary is just the tomato juice
so that’s what we’re using for this recipe so we’re going to start off with the salsa
, I’ve got some quinoa here, use your whole grain of choice, whole grains are excellent
for fiber, you can do quinoa, you can do millet, you can do kasha, you can do even brown rice
is really good and if you want to keep this strictly vegetarian then you have a source
of protein here as well, so we have our quinoa and we’re going to add celery which is usually
like the garnish stick that some people throw out in the Caesar, thinly sliced, a little
bit of some cherry tomatoes, all those in there, just throw the rest in here, red onion,
finely chopped, it’s not usually in your Caesar but put it in there gives it a nice
little zip, and to mimic kind of that pickely zip I guess, pickely zip, we have some capers,
capers are, they grow on vines almost like the ivy that scales walls, similar and there
are these little berries that grow off them and they usually brine them, they taste almost
like an olive, let’s say, capers yeah there are fish known as capers, no they are like
little berries and they grow off of ivy, so that’s going to go in there and we’re
going to season it with a little, we call it the W sauce unless someone wants to, Worcestershire,
there we go, I’m not saying it, the W sauce, we have you can add a little bit of tabasco
if you like or you can leave it out altogether, we’ll just add one dash, maybe 2, you can
put more, little bit of salt, little bit of black pepper, obviously you knew I was reaching
or the olive oil, little bit of olive oil in there, and that’s it just give it a nice
little toss, and this has you know a really nice flavor, almost mimics a lot of the flavor
from your Caesar or your bloody Mary and this is an incredible salad on its own you can
out this in like little lettuce wraps or you can top it over a nice grilled piece of chicken,
which would be fantastic, we are going to wrap that up o we’re going to set this aside
and what we’re going to do is get our cabbage so this is savoy cabbage, you can use I know
most cabbage rolls are just used with like the white cabbage, yes good point, so this
is the savoy cabbage here, I’ve seen a few techniques where they boil the whole head
and it’s easier to remove, another way is you can actually just use a knife and find
out where that next layer is so I guess it’s here and just kind of cut that hard part of
the stem and give it a little twist and pull from this way and when you pull from this
way, it doesn’t break on you, it doesn’t rip on you, and so take as many of the big
leaves off and you can, blanch them, little bit of boiling water about 60 seconds to 2
minutes and then right into ice cold bath, shock it, sets the color, it’s a little
more tender now and then and you want to remove that stem, that was a god observation, yeah
so the stem is a little tough, you can eat it but it makes it very difficult to roll,
just give it a little cross cut there, and then to assemble, really simple and these
are nice you can do them ahead of time, you can make them and freeze them and then pop
them in the oven when you want to eat them which is really nice so a little of that quinoa
bloody Mary salad on top, we’re going to season our fish, just a little salt, little
bit of olive oil, you can even put some ground fennel on there if you want maybe a little
bit of dill in there and that’s it, put a little piece of that salmon on top and then
roll, start from one side, I usually like to start from the crisscross end here and
you can do one, two, I know all the Hungarian Nona’s are probably cursing me right now
cause it’s not the right technique but this is my technique, so we’re going to pull
in from the sides and then just roll over until you form this little package and you
want to put it seam side down into your baking dish and repeat, until you have a few and
this is a perfect serving, you have a nice little piece of fish, you have a little bit
of that salad, and you have this cabbage as a wrap but it’s delicious and excellent
for you as well, very nutritious so to bake you can wrap the rest, we’re going to add
a little bit of that tomato juice, I don’t need too much, right in the pan, and you can
layer some lemons, some sliced lemons, actually, right underneath, so just get some thin slices,
and this will just provide it with a little buffer between those cabbage rolls, so you
put those cabbage rolls right on top, you can do a series of them, oven at 400 degrees,
and about 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish, 15-20 minutes, fish does not
take too long to cook, it is protected in this kind of cabbage package so it keeps it
nice and moist so it doesn’t allow it to dry out which is fantastic and you can tell
when fish is like well-done especially with salmon you’re going to start to see that white
kind of foam, that’s the fat coming out of it, that might be a little too much, but
depends how you like your fish so that’s going to go in the oven, actually we’ll
put it right in, and then take it out when you end up with, get a little bit of this
kind of charring on top and you have these delicious little salmon packages in there
and you can serve them maybe with a little bit of that extra bloody Mary salsa on top
and just knocked it out of the park, impress everybody so that’s it

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