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100 comments on “WildAid PSA – Yao Ming: Shark Fin Soup

  1. @sunnivastromskog that's because most of the common fish that we eat are not on the verge of extinction, sharks do not reproduce as fast as they do… PLUS sharks are very high up in the food chain in ocean ecosystems, making it extremely significant THAT'S WHY

  2. how come this commercial uses so many shark fin soups to announce that don't consume them. a bit contrary
    i hope those are only orange juice in 0:23

  3. These people can deep-fry a fish while it's alive, serve it when it's STILL alive and stab at it gleefully with their chopsticks.

    You think they'd care how the food end up on their plate?

  4. how is this any different from catching dolphins? Japan has been slaughtering dolphins and killing them for food also but killing sharks is a bigger deal than that? A shark isnt just killed for shark fin. What about shark meat or shark cartilage? This organization is stupid. Your trying to ban catching shark just because of shark fin? What about the other reasons to not catch shark?

  5. @jojoneli76 third reason: it's Chinese doing it and not Americans or Israelis. it's easy to criticize just about anything these people do

  6. @elleleeanne Cows are not on the brink of extinction because we eat meat. Like cows most of the animals we eat are bred especially for that purpose and their populations are kept artificially high. Sharks are not bred, they are caught in the wild, mutilated and left to die. This is not a matter of being a vegetarian or not, this is not a matter of animal cruelty or not. It's a matter of ecological conservationism. Shark species are going extinct because of our consumption habits.

  7. @elleleeanne Yes, it would. But breeding sharks is incredibly difficult and costly, which is why a big shark-breeding industry hasn't developed. It's much cheaper to fish them in the wild.

    It would also be preferable to simply kill them rather than leaving them mutilated and bleeding to death. Imagine cutting off a cow's leg and letting the cow live. Imagine the horror that animal would go through.

  8. @TheSchug But that's where you are wrong, in short the population in the world in increasing as; the current calculated population is about 6 billion; and in the upcoming yeas it will increase to about 9 billion to 11 billion; the connection is as fallows: Increasing demand for shark foods will mean increasing killing of sharks which leads to decreasing the shark population. And sharks just like mans need years to become adults; kill all the adult sharks = extinct species.

  9. Is this pretty much BS, as long as there r rich asss chinese people, they will continue consuming it no matter the price.

  10. @TheSchug That is simply wrong. You need to get out more. Take a trip anywhere south of the united states and you'll find people killing sharks for chinese shark fins soup. The reefs of Belize that used to be healthy with sharks are now being raped by shark fin killers.

    People with your lack of understanding said that we couldn't kill all the whales either…. We didn't, but we easily could have.

  11. v No we shouldn't. Firstly, there is the issue of eating endangered species and fucking up the ecosystem. Secondly, shark fin really doesn't have a taste of its own so finding another substitute should not be too difficult (ex. "bubbles" in bubble tea. You eat them for the texture, not the taste).

    But the issue is that every Chinese wedding/major celebration I've been to serve shark fin soup as a display of generosity. It's the convincing them to get rid of/replace that tradition thats hard.

  12. @Pokemonandblackberry PROTIP: If enough of it is made that it's accessible to middle-class — maybe it might be time to start doubting its status of "delicacy."

    Back when it actually WAS a delicacy, it was BECAUSE it was a small part of the shark. That's how the concept of "delicacy" WORKS.

  13. @weitaoting It's how shark-fin soup is fished that makes it so reprehensible. Fishers kill them to get at a TINY amount of meat, and often just cut off the fins and throw them back into the ocean alive. It's not like a pig or a cow where we kill them instantly and use the entire for food.

  14. @weitaoting Again, shark fishing in more inherently cruel given the fact that they aren't killed instantly, but flayed alive to preserve the taste. There's also the fact that sharks are an endangered species, and that shark fishing kills thousands of other forms of aquatic life. Farming might be cruel in some ways, but it doesn't have those problems.

  15. Great job. Hadn't been following this for ages. I'm a Chinese. Stopped eating sharks' fins soup for years. Every drop will make an ocean. Stop consuming. Everyone can chip in. While individual effort might seem little, a concerted effort will be huge. 🙂

  16. I remember watching Gordon Ramsay investigating the disgusting trade of shark finning, he actually tried a sample of Shark Fin Soup and found no taste in it what-so-ever, then he went investigating where Shark Fins are being stored and makes the shocking discovery of full loads of shark fins sitting on roof tops, a lot of them being wasted away to no good use.This sort of thing makes me sad, all just for a tasteless soup.

  17. This is a great video to help educate those who consume shark fin soup. Very potent in the message. Thanks Yao for supporting the fight.

  18. You are ignorant, dogs kill more people than sharks do. Shark attacks a re rare and people dying from them is even rarer.

  19. Everyone year theres about 20 people die because of vending machine accident, and every year about 5 people die because of shark.

  20. Cows are domesticated and not a single piece of the animal goes to waste after it's killed. Sharks are endangered wild animals and over 95% of their bodies are wasted after they're finned.

  21. Bull S*it. Cows kill MORE people than sharks do. Some sources say that cows kill up to 27 times the amount of humans than sharks do. Sharks hate the flesh of human meat: They do not intentionally attack humans unless they are on the verge of starvation.

  22. I'm Chinese and I have never eaten shark fin soup. After seeing the process and its environmental imapcts, I don't think I ever will, either.

  23. i never knew shark fin soup was that popular…actually, i never even heard of shark fin soup…

  24. I dont undestand.. Is your mom from Chernobyl or what? How can you be so fucking stupid. (i"m not enviromentalist or whatever i"m just disapointed by you stupidity)

  25. China is a ever changing country. It's only considered a traditional dish because it is considered to be so too. China can change and so can everyone else. If they have a plan that can output more sharks than they eat in, then that's fine, but.. it's not happening that way.

  26. No, he is one of the few people that aren't traitors to his own country, get your facts straight. I don't know much about China but that much is still clear.

  27. they need to shows these, If one can show a a commercial about a stupid rag/cd/car or what ever then they can put these on instead.

  28. I think it's more effective to inform people that shark fins are bad for your health. Not everybody cares about sharks, but everyone cares about their own health.

  29. what is desgusting is sharks kill just 5 people per years and we humans kill extremly much 70 millions wow
    and dogs kill 25000 people

  30. This is really disgusting and cruel. Sharks are hardly dangerous at all, and don't even taste like anything. So stop freaking killing them. It's HORRIBLE how they do this and even more horrible that they could become EXSTINCT. And all of the other animals in the ecosystem would be effected, too. Sharks eat other animals, as they are predators not to humans so if sharks all died out the prey of the sharks would likely increase.

    And killing sharks, ESPECIALLY THIS WAY Is so cruel!! They literally skin off their fins and then the sharks slowly, painfully drown in the ocean because they can't swim to keep the water moving through their gills. THIS IS HORRIBLE. Why would you want to ever do that? Like, what the hell is wrong with you? I find this absolutely DISGUSTING, and makes me so angry and upset.

    Please share this video WHEREVER you can.

  31. It's good to be conscious about the consumption of shark fins, but don't forget that sharks are predators, by reducing the consumption by 50%, you are also changing the ecosystem of the oceans, be careful what you wish for.


    Vegans these days… those sharks are already dead and you paid for the soup why push it away???

  33. They should have use the other body parts of the sharks as meats for food. It's really cruel to throw live sharks overboard after getting all their fins.

  34. Not too long ago 山西煤老闆 represented the crass ignorance of Chinese nouveau riche, who would resort to the most toxic behavior to show off their wealth. Today things are improvement; population of north Chinese leopard has nearly doubled in the last decade.

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