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WINTER FLY FISHING THE UPPER COLORADO RIVER … near Kremmling Colorado … 4k video

WINTER FLY FISHING THE UPPER COLORADO RIVER … near Kremmling Colorado … 4k video

Not a bad way to start off today beautiful sunrise a balmy 20 degrees out It’s gonna be a good day Good morning everyone, welcome back to my channel What My Lens Sees Always happy to have you here and today it’s winter edition of fly fishing the Upper Colorado One of my favorite stretches of water and hoping to put some big fish in the net today. So let’s get to it Well, that wraps up another day on the Upper Colorado Overall a pretty good day The morning was great Beautiful Sunrise that hopefully I captured on film Caught some nice fish too The afternoon was a totally different story … I even kinda finished up early because it was just nothing happening But, look that’s part of fishing … and it can be a very humbling experience and this afternoon was certainly one of them But like I always say, a day out on the river is a day well spent And certainly better than a day not out on the river So I’m always thankful to get out there And always thankful to share this experience with all of you. Thank you for tuning and we’ll see you here next time. Take care

16 comments on “WINTER FLY FISHING THE UPPER COLORADO RIVER … near Kremmling Colorado … 4k video

  1. What a nice sunrise! Truly an epic morning. Great fishing to start the day with. Crazy that they just completely turned off.

  2. This video was epic man , that sunrise gave a great impression and feeling of how amazing it is being in the wild in the early hours of the morning.
    Bonus points for the fly fishing 🤘

  3. A balmy 20 degrees. Said this boy never. I don't go anywhere near water if it's below 40F out.😂 You did get a fun video out of it. 👍💯

  4. How l are you staying warm? I'm flying into the Springs tomorrow. Wanted to go out twice while I'm out but I just looked at the forecast…

  5. This is epic! So glad I found your channel. I've been following Colorado Fisher for a long time and really enjoy this content. Y'all really live in a beautiful place. The 4K footage is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome video! Looked like a majestic morning catching fish!! We hit the Colorado River recently, wasn't nearly as pretty haha

  7. Such a beautiful video, that sunrise looks awesome, I have never done fishing but I would like to try once.. I love watching your video, your lens capture all the beauty of nature 😀

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