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Winter Steelhead Fishing at Erie, Pennsylvania

Winter Steelhead Fishing at Erie, Pennsylvania

2014 almost got away from us before we
were able to put in a steelhead fishing trip but finally in
the second week in December Luke and I were able to take a couple days
off and we headed up to Erie, Pennsylvania The first day we spent most of our time
fishing on lower Elk Creek and we really had very little success. I
was able to pull in one steelhead near the mouth and later on in the day Luke was able to
pull in a brown trout. The fishing was even slower on day two.
We started out at Lower Elk Creek again and we had no success there so we went
over to 16 Mile Creek we did find some fish there but they
were not interested in anything we had to offer. on day three the weather turned colder
and some snow started to fall and the fish started to bite. We were
able to catch several fish on Upper Elk and Upper Walnut Creek Luke: oh yeah, he’s nice. There it is. Eldon: that’s what it’s all about For me,steelhead fishing is always a
learning experience every time I come up here I learn new spots to fish I learn a little bit more about
presentation, about which baits to use it’s that challenge that keeps me looking
forward to the next trip up here

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  1. I thought I knew Elk, Walnut, and the mile creeks pretty well but just have no idea where you are fishing with that bridge in the background.  Would you mind sharing it with us?  I'm thinking it must be Route 5 or 20 b as they are east/west roads but maybe this is an entirely different road.  Nice video.

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