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Wireless Solutions for Ocean Fish Farms

Wireless Solutions for Ocean Fish Farms

Wireless Networks in Ocean Fish Farms
Today’s tech lets fish farms supply various seafood as if it was caught in the wild, but
easier & faster. LigoWave expands on this with wireless network
solutions for centralizing farm operations. By bringing together all of your farming equipment
onto one wireless network, you are able to: – Watch underwater activity in fish cages
using IP cameras. – Gain direct access to sensory data from
fish cages. – Monitor above-water operations & ensure
on-premises security. – Control farm systems & equipment from a
central computer. – Connect the onsite admin office & the farm
network to the internet. – Set up the infrastructure needed for on-premises
voice communication. How Does It Work? Typical fish farms have a central operations
office, farming sites & ocean boats. Systems control & surveillance is done from
the central office that houses the IT equipment. The central office base station communicates
with the CPE found on each farming site. Onsite switches route traffic to & from the
CPE & the various sensors, cameras & devices. Ocean boats can also be equipped with CPE,
thus extending voice & other services. A trunk link allows for internet access throughout
the entire fish farm network. Why choose LigoWave for your fish farm network
projects? Fish farms are subject to strong tides, high
winds, direct sunlight, humid & salty environments. LigoWave offers wireless network solutions
made to withstand these intense conditions: Non-corrosive, non-yellowing & IP65–67 rated
devices, protected against water & humid settings. The small form factor makes the devices more
resistant to wind & much easier to install. Integrated 2kV line-to-line/4kV line-to-ground
surge protection adds resilience against lightning. LigoWave is a tested & proven solution for
performance & stability in above-water scenarios. Equipped with iPoll & W-Jet protocols: stable
jitter, reduced latency & optimum efficiency. Network security ensured with management & data
encryption & proprietary signaling mechanisms. Simplified centralized setup, control & monitoring
with the Infinity Cloud Controller. LigoWave offers the right tools for
the job… LigoDLB 5-90ac | LigoDLB 5-20ac | LigoDLB
5-15ac | LigoPTP RapidFire LigoWave’s Got You Covered

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