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Wobbegong Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Wobbegong Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s depressed and has a shaggy beard. No
I’m not talking about our Editor Tim. What am I talking about? Find out this week on
Shark Academy! The Wobbegong Shark is a dorso-ventrally flattened
fish, sometimes called a depressed fish, meaning: it’s flat. The name Wobbegong comes from an aboriginal
name meaning shaggy beard. There are twelve species of Wobbegongs and they all have these
little fleshy tabs on their chins for camouflage. They lie on the bottom and they wait for prey
to come by. They’re called ambush predators. Wobbegongs are not much of a threat to divers.
They’re extremely confident in their camouflage. Every time I swim up to one, it just sits
there and doesn’t move, convinced that I can’t see it. Unfortunately, they’re frequently served as
fish and chips in Australia. Not cool! Fish are friends not food. Unlike most sharks, which breathe through
their mouth, the Wobbegong breathes through a pair of spiracles, that are kind of like
nostrils that don’t smell. They’re on the top of the head. That’s because the mouth
is down so low to the sand, if they were breathing through their mouth, they would be inhaling
a lot of sand, and that wouldn’t be particularly nice. Blech. So they have these specially
evolved spiracles on the top of their head. Almost like a snorkel. Well, if you think Wobbegongs are cool, check
out our Blue World episode on bottom-dwelling sharks. And until next time, I’m Jonathan
Bird and this is shark Academy.

46 comments on “Wobbegong Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. awesome, i don;t get it why your videos have just few viewers i think instead of saying mating season you should better use the word "sex" or something like that, that would make people watch the videos. Really i don't get it how a video saying mating chickens can have more views than your videos that are so wonderful and pure science… Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love this series! I really hope you'll be able to do some lesser known sharks like Goblins sharks and Cookie Cutter sharks. 

  3. BlueWorldTV you said that this sharks gills are on the top because they could inhale sand. But stingrays gills are at the bottom and they're also in sand.

  4. I saw, and filmed, a beautiful big Wobbegong today. I can't believe people eat them! They should definitely be protected.

  5. They were protected years ago from taking by amatuer fishermen and very limited take by professionals they are still quite common, ad They were very nice eating for fish and chips much better than the imported fish all the shops sell now. They did need some protection from over exploitation but there is nothing wrong in my opinion with a sustainable harvest f them as long as the numbers overall are steady or increasing. fish are food not just friends foor me and the vast majority of people if some people want to be vegetarians and not eat fish or meat wel thats great for them but don't try and force that ideology onto all of us.

  6. Fish are friends and food. Unless you eat shark fins, and waste the rest… And also if you eat fish for your wants, not your needs.

  7. I gotta wonder about Angel sharks. They're critically endangered and I hear nothing about them anymore not even conservation efforts. They're pretty much extinct in the mediterranean and i'm really worried. Have you thought of doing a special or a shark academy on angel sharks? Are there even any reliable places to find them anymore?

  8. Wobbegongs are cool, I like how the fish don't see the shark's attack is coming. Jonathan, I love sharks this much, infinity/10

  9. i just found this channel today and have already watched 13vids, I think this cannel deserves a minimum of 3 mil subs

  10. Apparently spiny dogfish are served as rock salmon in the UK too… Errr… nope!!! Fish are for feeding sharkies & fattening seals, not for me to eat (vegetarian).

  11. Someone: Oh look, there's a wobbegong shark here
    le shark: No there isn't
    Someone: Uh, yeah, i see you
    Le shark: no, you don't
    le shark: nope you can't see me no wobbegong shark here

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