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Women Train To Do 1 Pull-Up In 60 Days

Women Train To Do 1 Pull-Up In 60 Days

my confidence definitely took a hit my ABS I already feel it I’ve nowhere near a pull-up I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it at the end it just seems impossible so Ari ELISA and I accepted this challenge because we’re all relatively fit so we want to see if we’re able to do one pull-up of only 60 days of training I’m excited because I love fitness challenges but nervous because I’ve been athletic all my life my dad would like train we can do pull-ups as a seven-year-old [Music] I don’t think getting my pull-up baby back oh I’m excited to dive back into my training as an adult I fold out a lot which is indoor rock climbing so that I guess does require some upper body strength I think pull-ups are an ultimate test of agility and strength at the moment I don’t really have like a fitness goal so being able to do a pull-up is a perfect one because you can either do it or you can’t so to kick off the challenge we decided to see an expert to get some background information on what goes into a pull-up all right show me what you got [Music] you’re actually pulling back and then up and you’re arch you want to stay into a hollow position so now I can see you’re not activated with your shoulders yep so Mel was super attentive and she assessed us individually so that we can start off with good form hollow position think about like a banana shake straight legs there you go for women we are more heavy-bottomed if our weight is more distributed on the bottom it’s gonna be a lot harder to pull ourselves up often meeting with Mel I had definitely a better idea of what things to look out for when I’m practicing as long as we train then you will definitely get it the first week was brutal because my body was not used to that much upper body training and my hands were not happy I definitely feel inspired at home now with a pull-up bar because every time I walk by it I like to hang on it or do something with it there’s this pocket I won’t pass every day on my way to work I would just like go across monkey bars and just do like five assisted pull-ups or hang for a bit I think this is a blister my upper body definitely feels more soul than usual and it’s in places that I didn’t expect like the sides of my back and my armpits Jenny my boyfriend he never works out he was able to do like four I work out more than you I’ve always been able to so annoying my confidence definitely took a hit even when I agreed to be in this video I was like oh I can do one if I put my mind to it I was working out every day and all I could do were these weird shoulder shrugs and people see me would kindly suggest me to use the assistive machine instead of the pull-up bar all I can do is like the one three weeks in not having much faith in myself at all that should be like an easy move because you’re jumping and you’re using momentum and I can barely hold myself I feel like I’ve done everything that I can and I’m still not where I want to be that’s it what you can do are penny in it I’m nervous I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it at the end you want to do it but you physically can’t and you’re exerting energy and physically it looks like you’re not going anywhere I almost lost hope but then I suddenly was able to hold myself up in a jumping pull-up I think I just needed time in the beginning to build muscle strength and muscle memory to understand how to pull myself up and engage the specific muscles needed I haven’t made any progress maybe I can channel that anger into I’ll have the strength from like here up but I just don’t have the strength from I’m still impressing myself because I did not do that before just this morning we went to the gym and I tried to do a pull-up I got my arms to 90 degrees which is like more than I ever thought I would be able to do now I’m back confident again and I’m gonna tell myself I can definitely do one we’re very close to the end of this and I’m still worried I won’t be able to do the pull-up but no matter what you do feel stronger and I like that and I feel like I got some low back muscles happening mm-hmm after realizing that I was able to hold myself in a jumping pull-up things got way easier so I just can’t wait training I kept practicing my holds and week seven I was able to do one pull-up without jumping it’s just crazy never in my life have I imagined I could do one I noticed through the footage that I’m not like fully chin above bar since I have this extra time I’m still gonna continue doing my workouts and really get that clean strict pull-up definitely more motivated to keep going I feel like I look stronger – like I’m noticing like my shoulders more I actually like started approaching people and like asking them for advice I even like had my yoga teacher help me out with some stuff and I feel really close so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to the bar every day whether it’s at the gym or the bar on my way to work and I really want to just like commit to giving it my all there’s like no time left before this challenge ends so I’m really gonna start pushing myself more I’m really close I can do the pull-up from standing on a pillow and I think I’m gonna get it we didn’t do any arms to this workout so if I can’t imagine do my pull-up today I really did a clean stick pull-up I’m super happy and maybe I won’t get a perfect full up yet but I definitely feel stronger so that’s kind of all that really matters it’s been 60 days and I can do pull I am so impressed myself to be able to commit to 60 days of training I feel like a badass to be able to do a pull-up and just have these awesome biceps right here like if you look at my last where the V is that is very apparent on the 60th day I did it on tonight I was outside and like at a taco truck and there was like some scaffolding and I was like I’m just gonna like try and do one like did not think I would be able to and I did it just at the nick of time yeah I thought I was gonna be the early one in the video who wasn’t gonna be able to do it but I did it seeing that footage I just like want to keep watching it over and over again it’s something that I never thought I would be able to do I definitely feel like my shoulders are a little more defined and the area like around my armpit feels like stronger now every time I walk past or say any type of bar I just like have to jump on it and try and I’m gonna perfect it I have loved doing this because I’ve never weight lifted before and I feel like really strong and this is definitely something I want to continue in my life my biceps definitely look more defined and that’s really cool I feel like I look super strong like hell yeah everybody who’s finished journey is different as long as you put in the hard work the dedication and just be patient over yourself I think that is actually that is what I’ve learned so now my dad will be happy because he’s always been worried if I’m like hanging off a cliff I won’t be able to save my own life because I can’t do a pull-up but now I can’t so thanks dad [Music]

100 comments on “Women Train To Do 1 Pull-Up In 60 Days

  1. I really want to do this after I have my baby and things settle down a bit. It will be my second child and I’m not planning on having any more pregnancies, so I’m thinking about what I would like to be able to do with my body once it’s healed.

  2. Here’s a different way to do a pull-up; it’s slow and controlled. A good way to switch things up. Check it out on my YT channel: Freak of Fitness.

  3. How couldn't the three young ladies do at least one push – up, before ? It would have been VERY interesting, if you had tape measured the unflexed – and flexed biceps circumfences of all three girls,
    before – and after workout !
    Such a wasted chance to do it 🙁 !
    How I would have liked to do that, myself …
    On top feeling and squeezing all their flexing biceps' between my fingers … and arm wrestle them three – seriously –
    left – & right handed …
    Again and again and …
    OMG !!!
    From germany.

    And btw, watch you three girls :
    That is what a sexy and still natural female biceps can and should look like !!!
    Just watch her at 0:02 & 13:34 …
    An absolute dream !!!

  4. No hate, but its crazy that it took them months. Maybe its just that its harder to build muscle and strenth as a female, I dont know. As a guy though, even before I started going to the gym I could do 5ish. It could be genetics, its just interesting to see people struggle to see something I though was so natural

  5. So women agree men are physically stronger? Like idk man. They be arguing how women are as strong as men and should receive same pay and praise for athleticism but now after watching this. Suddenly they be saying men have it easier.

  6. This is so baller. Love seeing women pursue the pullup because so many can't. Hope to see a wave of more doing them over time!

  7. Not trying to be mean but training for 60 days for 1 pullup is bad. Really bad. I mean an avrage man can do 5-15 pullups without alot of training.
    Yall keep saying men and women are the same. But this proves the opposite
    Also the training is completely wrong. Where is the neck? And traps? Why arent they using powerlifting instead of what i assume is an standard 10/12×3 rep range. Idiotic

  8. I worked out on almost every machine and lifted everyweight I can assure you one of the hardest things to do in the gym is pull-ups, I could only do 5 the first time I tried and it wasnt easy at all

  9. i myself is a 13 year old boy
    im 96 kilos and 172 cm high so im overweight and can do 20 pullups after 40days of hard training
    anyone can do it promised

  10. Do women just have a harder time with pull ups because I'm 13 and can do like around 8 I would say is my average

  11. Used to be like them not being able to do one but i went from like half a pull up to 4 pull ups in a month so i mean 🤷‍♀️

  12. "I have been athletic all my life but i cant do a pull up"

    If you can't do a single pull up you can't call yourself athletic

  13. Remember that BuzzFeed video "questions women have for men". I swear one of them said that women are stronger than men…yeah… clearly

  14. No disrespect, but seriously? You trained 60 days to do just ONE pull up? I thought almost anyone with a decent body could do at least one. Even I could do 5 -10 reps before I started working out.

  15. “For woman, we are more heavy bottom” well that’s not the case, those girl have leaf like legs, it’s just that they had never trained any muscle at all in they’re life (doing pull-ups at 7 years doesn’t count)

  16. Ummm…………. I don’t know if one pull-up is really enough content for an about 9 minute long video. Just saying.



  18. This is why men who transition to 'women' shouldn't be able to compete in womens sports as a woman. I can go 30 years without doing any training, be 45lbs over weight, classify as 'obese', and still be able to do 5-10 pull ups. Where as real women would have to train for 2 months to be able to catch up. I know this is off topic. But people should think about that when they hear, "trans woman #1 in X Lifting competition!" No, its man who couldn't get top 2500 decided to call themselves a woman to win a title. ffs

  19. Doing pull ups is so hard. I am athletic too. I was in an event an talking to Marines and they pushed my ego to do pull ups I couldn't so I just did 20 burpies lol. I was also holding wrong hahaha

  20. best way to learn to do a pull-up is to get a pull-up bar that’s not to far up and put it in a door way you go through often and do a set every time you go through that door got me from none to 7

  21. The problem isn’t they can’t do it, it’s they have no desire to pull up it’s a mental block if they need to get angry at the pull up and just smash it

  22. 1 pull up really my fat friend can do 8 and i can do 13 and im 17 year old and ik a lot of friend who can do above 10 those women are really weak

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