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Working in Senior Housing, with Brandy Fisher

Working in Senior Housing, with Brandy Fisher

Ok, I am Bandy Fisher, and housekeeper.
Housekeeping go to suites every single day, we have a certain amount of people,
up to six Suites, go to the nurse calls, laundry, visit with them, companionship as
well. I worked at first on-site for nine and a half years, then I resigned
there and kind of going through a transition of my kids were kind of going
off to high school, what am I gonna do? But, I wanted to do something where I
made a difference and I could help people, and here we are. You have to get
them to trust you and once you get through that then it’s nice cuz you get
to win you get to visit with them they enjoy your company so it’s nice. Oh my
goodness you go to a hotel and you walk into an empty hotel there’s nothing in
there but furniture and suitcases, here you walk into their home, you get to be
with them, you get to sit with them, and it’s just it’s comfort and I just wish
all people would understand what it’s like that they trust you to walk in
there. So you’re not just cleaning you’re not just a housekeeper you’re just a
person with them. We get to know them, they get to know us, they become our
family here, so every day is a different day here with our seniors which is why
we love them, we just absolutely love the interaction that we get with them. I’m
here more than I am at home so this is my second, I call it my family away
from my family, so yeah. It’s taught me a lot of patience it’s
taught me to slow down because I’m a go-go-go-go and I haven’t completely
slowed down but they’ve taught me to slow down because of how fast life can go,
they teach us a lot, so I’ve definitely learned a lot here from them and that’s
why I said to anybody that wants to work here, keep smiling, keep happy. No matter
how stressed you are, don’t show it, go hide somewhere, right, but stay happy
because you don’t know if there’s a tomorrow for these people and that’s why
we make sure every time then we go to a suite or we see them we make them smile,
we make them laugh, we dance with them, we just, you don’t know what tomorrow holds.
So yeah, there’s so much more that you can do here, there’s activity coordinator
there’s… I can get into home care but I don’t want to go anywhere right now. I
love what I’m doing because I have the time that I get to spend, because you
don’t have to fly in and out with a residents, you go in, you take your time,
you visit and I like that yeah

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