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World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge – Eating Surstromming with Rebecca Zamolo

World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge – Eating Surstromming with Rebecca Zamolo

– [Bailey] We are going
to attempt to survive it. (disgusted yelling) It’s like not getting better. This smell is not going away. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey and we have a special guest with us today. It’s Rebecca Zamolo. – Oh yeah, just wanted to be a triplet. – You know it. I mean, we look alike, right? – Yeah, we, yeah. – So I’m sure you guys
recognize her from and her new YouTube channel. If you’re not subscribed to her channel definitely go do that right
this second by clicking the information button right over here, or the link in the description box below. – We filmed a crazy slime
video on her channel so you guys definitely need to click that information button. Subscribe to her. Watch that video. Watch all of her other videos. – That slime video was crazy. – Yeah, it was the slime olympics. (yelling) – My slime worked. (yelling) (slow motion yelling) – It’s like in my hair. (squeals) – I had to change my entire outfit. – I had like chunks of green in my hair. – My hair’s wet, it’s in the back. We got the slime out thanks to … Paisley.
– Water. Paisley washed her hair. – So yeah, we’re kind of messy with slime. – But now I bet all of ya’ll are wondering what we are doing
– Why are we filming? – For this video. – We have discovered the
world’s smelliest fish. And it’s in this can, and it’s
called Oskar’s Surstromming. This fish was what the
Vikings carried on their ship. – They could only fish
for it for a couple months of the year, and then
they would just leave it on their ships and it would ferment. Now it ferments for like
six months of the year. I guess they put it in
some sort of liquid thing. Something about lactic acid. Something something makes it stink and get to the point of where it is almost rotting, but it’s
right underneath rotting. So that you can still eat it somehow. – I bet you guys are really confused. Like what, why are you telling us this information about this fish? Well there was a viral video
recently where this guy and his family opened
it up and all of them instantly were barfing and gagging. Apparently it’s the
world’s smelliest fish. We are going to attempt to survive it. If we do survive the smell
and manage to get a piece of the fish in our mouth,
the reward is ice cream, which is not that great. – I don’t know if it’s worth it or if I’m gonna wanna even eat the ice cream after all of this. – This can, if you look at
it, it’s like expanding. – It’s already bulging. – It’s like bubbling with gasses.
– This is the gasses that are going to come
out and go into our noses. – That is six months of gasses
and fermentation in there. The loser, if you do not
eat a piece of this fish … – Has to jump into the pool.
– Yes. – Which none of us wanna do because we’re all done up. – As if the scent of the
fish is not punishment enough we are inflicting more pain.
– We are going to jump into the pool. I literally, a grown man
was gagging and barfing just by barely opening this can. So we are about to venture
into the world of nasty smells. – We have two other
guests that are gonna be in this video with us. – Oh. – They’ll appear when we start it. So let’s get on to the video. I can’t do it.
– I’m so nervous right now. – I’m sweating.
– I’m literally gonna cry. – Okay. – So it’s basically
like a can of tuna fish. – We know the first cut
it makes a (whoosh). – Watch it, watch it. You have to watch it. – No, I can’t. Oh my gosh I can’t.
– I’m so nervous. – I’m gonna throw up on … (whoosh) (screaming) – It squirted on you! No! (rewinding squeak) (slow motion yelling) – I can’t! (gagging) – Oh it smells so bad. – I haven’t smelled it yet. There it is. Oh my gosh. (angelic singing) – You can smell it in your lungs. – I don’t wanna go in the pool but I don’t know if I can do this. – Oh my god! No. Why is there so much juices coming out? – I just keep thinking
you’ll get to a point and it’s gonna be okay
and you’ll get used to it and you don’t. You don’t at all. I’m gonna … I have this bag, you guys. I’m just going like this. If you see me go, it’s
because I’m throwing up. – We’re almost there. We’re almost there, guys. No, no, no. (squealing) Oh I saw it! I just saw it! (gagging) – Oh no. – We need to look at this together. – No! (screaming and gagging) – It’s like not getting better. This smell is not going away. Your plate, your room is, no, no, no. – I’m just putting out portions. It’s bad. It is bad. – Does this fish have like a spine? – It looks like it. – Oh god. – Oh it’s …
– The dogs are like, yeah. – How are you not dying? – It’s bad. – I dare you to eat it, Matt. – Okay, I’m going in. – You’re supposed to get used
to the smell in 60 seconds. – Matt. – No Matt. – I can’t do it. (gagging) – Get the trashcan, go. – It smells like throw up
already, that’s the problem. (coughing) – You know Matt, this
looked bad in the video but it didn’t, it’s worse in real life. – It looks worse in real life. – 20 million times times worse. – If you eat this I am
incredibly impressed by you. – Do you just stick it in your mouth? (screaming and gagging) – No! (gagging) – It’s slimy, it’s slimy. I can’t, I can’t. – What do you have to do? – You have to put it in your mouth. – I don’t wanna do any of this. I just don’t wanna jump in a pool. – It smells like a muffled baby diaper. – If you take like short
– It does, actually. – Small breaths it’s easier to … – Matt you’re doing it? – Oh my gosh. – Matt. – No Matt, you have a sensitive stomach. – Someone’s gotta do it. – [Bailey] It’s yummy, delicious bacon. – No, no!
– It’s so bad. – You have to swallow? – [Matt] I’m gonna swallow it. – No then you’re setting
the expectation wrong. – Brooklyn do not throw up on me. Where’s the trash can? Give her the trash can. – It’s shiny. – Here’s our trash can in case … – Wait, what is this? It’s like a bone. – It’s just what it is. – Okay, I just threw up a little. That’s disgusting. And I hate throwing up. (gagging) – [Matt] It gets worse. Okay, here we go. – Three, two, one. Go. (dramatic music) (screaming) – No! – You have to … (gagging) – It’s so salty. It’s so salty. – Oh my gosh. – It wasn’t bad, I just got scared. Oh, now it’s bad. – Oh god. – I feel like … – Oh my gosh! He’s throwing up. – I’m just gonna taste it. – [Matt] Oh god. (gagging) – What is that? Why is it? I think I found the egg. – It tastes like really salty pickles. – [Bailey] Do you see that? That is not edible. – I just legit threw up and
I don’t like throwing up. – Your eyes are red. Were you crying? – I just threw up. That’s how much I hate this. – Cheers, guys. – I can’t do it. I’m not gonna be able to do it. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Three, two
– This is to five. – No wait, wait. I can’t do it. – You need to get some meat on there. – I have a bone on mine. Three, two, one. (gagging) – That was five though. That was five. (gagging) – This is so sad. This challenge just went and got so sad. – Hey Brooklyn. – The twins are throwing up. – Oh no. – It’s burning my tongue. – That was not okay. – But guess what? We don’t have to go in the pool. – [Matt] You can swallow. Oh, no. I tried to swallow, it wasn’t working. – I feel so … (gagging) I feel so devastated. I don’t know what the word is, just sad. I would like to see some
other YouTubers out there try and do the Brooklyn and Bailey smelliest fish in the world challenge. – We should challenge. Okay, let’s do five shout outs. Let’s do Carina. – Yes, Carina. Darcy I know you got this. – I know you can do this. Collinski. – I’m so sorry. – Casey and Casey. The Merrill twins. – She just threw up. She actually just threw up. – Who’s our fifth? Who’s the fifth? – Who’s the fifth one? Bretaytay. – You got this bretaley. – People the smell is coming your way. – It’s so bad. – Guys this room will never
be the same, you guys. (gagging) I’m very sorry. – Brooklyn’s done over there. – This is so bad. (ragtime music) (gags) – Actually doesn’t smell that bad. It looks grosser than I thought. It’s not that bad, actually. I think I got eggs in that one. (gagging from viewers) They’re like popping every time I chew. What’s the big deal? – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. It so like, reeks in here.
– It’s so bad. – Make sure you guys subscribe to the people’s channels that are in here. We’ve got Kamri Noel, Rebecca Zamolo, and then Matt Slays. The links to their channels will be in the description box below. I don’t know how I’m talking right now because it literally smells so bad. – On the plus side you can always prank your friends with this. Get it, open it up, leave
it somewhere, you know. Someone maybe you don’t like. Someone who was kind of mean to you. Maybe your mom didn’t let
you go out one weekend. There you go. Also, you guys, give
this video a thumbs up because we all ate it. So if you were proud of us for eating this like just do it. – Don’t remind me. – Just thumbs it up. – To subscribe to Rebecca’s channel click the button right over here. And to watch the video we did
with Rebecca on her channel click the box right here. – Slime olympics. We don’t eat the slime like this. We don’t eat it, though.
– We don’t eat it. Brooklyn, how you doing? Not good. She’s not doing so hot. We love you all and
we’ll see you next week. – Bye.

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