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37 comments on “Worms found in salmon bought at Costco

  1. She got a refund, there's nothing to this story. This also has nothing to do with Costco, as fish collect worms naturally in the wild. It's her "moral obligation to let them know", by running to the news and targeting a single store, with a problem that happens everywhere. Usually, you can see them right out of the styrofoam box they come in.

    Worms are much rarer in farm raised fish. The salmon she got was most likely wild caught. Contaminated fish like that shouldn't be sold, not just because it's gross, but because it could use the customer as a host if not killed off while being cooked.

    Technically you could eat the worm along with the fish, as long as you can ensure both are fully cooked. But I don't recommend doing that for obvious reasons.

  2. What do you mean? "Label it let them know??!!"…I Can see it now "Warning Salmon may have worms"….F That!

  3. Why would they blur the worms? Give me a break. I want to see what they look like. I turned up the quality on my YouTube player for nothing!

  4. "We blurred it because it's gross."
    So, we have no reason to believe your fake news, because it lacks any footage.

  5. Keyword "wild". This is precisely why I prefer the cheaper farmed fish, cuz they are less likely to have parasites. IDC if they're inorganic and have been fed anti parasitics, I'd rather not eat fish with parasites in them. Gimme the cheap farmed stuff!

  6. News cast should have done some research about fish them selfs befor pointing fingers. I worked in a fish market for 5yrs and learned all wild fish have parasites. And the #1 pain in the butt to remove worms is mahi mahi they are just riddled with them.

  7. Freezing the fish for 7-8 hours before consumption will disintegrate the worm(s) and or just cook to right temperature. This worms are common in a lot of fish.

  8. people who have no clue about fish, but love sushi need to read this!
    or raw fish for the party

    by rule to consume raw fish meat, it needs to be freeze at -4 Fahrenheit or below for 7 days to kill and stop parasite. Or down to -31 Fahrenheit for 15 hours before safely consume. Most (i don't know if all) restaurant follow this method before allow to serve to customer. if you are not educated enough, do a little research, please! AKA (shut the hell up if you don't know anything)

    And yes! what you see is a parasite, not a worm. Parasites live inside most of the fish through their life. Fresh Salmon, Fresh yellowtail, Fresh tuna, etc, all have some living parasite on them. food process usually tries to take most of them off while cutting fish to serving size, but it is impossible to take all parasite out.

    Parasite = Fresh.

    the parasites can only live in Fresh fish. In the food market, they do not recommend people eating raw fish "ever." It is safe to eat after cooking it up with the correct temperature to kill off the parasite before consume. It is none of the food market business to freeze up the fish for the customer to consume it raw right away after the customer buying it. otherwise, it is a lot a lot more expensive than the price you have seen on the package in the food market.

    If you want to buy raw fish to eat it raw for the PARTY, you can also do it. Make sure to pick out the one with parasite 😀 and make sure your freezer can reach actual -4 Fahrenheit without open the freezer for 7 days, then you are safe to eat raw fish. (highly recommend using a freezer thermometer for accurate measure)

    also, for the safety issue anything from -4 F to -30 F, need to be 7 days no matter what. the same thing with -31 Fahrenheit or below it. have to reach 15 hours. If you want to freeze freshly raw fish at -4 Fahrenheit BUT JUST FOR 24 hours, then you have a fifty-fifty percent chance my friend : /
    (not recommended)
    Educate yourself! Don't just look at something blindly judging right away*

    parasite and worm are really different. Fun fact: certain worm can also be eaten.

  9. I just discovered a living worm in salmon fillet purchased a few days ago in Costco, Calgary, Canada. It is disgusting…

  10. You blurred it cuz it’s gross? You fucking twats I’m tryna compre cuz my gf just found clear worm on salmon. Kenai, Alaska now I’ll never know

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