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WORST LIFE EVER -Top 5 Aquarium Fish with the most horrible lives

WORST LIFE EVER -Top 5 Aquarium Fish with the most horrible lives

what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on a downer note today today
we’re gonna be talking about my top 5 aquarium fish with the absolute worst
lives ever look there’s lots of aquarium fish that have miserable lives these are
my top 5 aquarium fish with the worst lives ever glofish how did this happen
mother nature didn’t approve this whoever created this fish should be
forced to drink water from the tanks of death Kota these over stocked fish are
kept and sold this is ridiculous this fish drives me crazy think about if you
had this fish’s life you could never be rested because your
entire body is glowing 24/7 365 then you live in a tiny overstocked aquarium and
death Co all of a sudden some kid comes up and he starts beating on the glass
waiting to pick you out then he picks you out you get stuffed in a bag you get
taken home what happens you’re putting a tank as for the tank has tank has a pink
growl now you’re in a tank with pink gravel you’re already eyes hurt you’re
never rested and then you’re overfed by the kid who’s constantly beating on the
glass is Rory on edge because you’ve never resting as your body is glowing
glofish miserable life goldfish my number 5 fish with the worst life ever before
aquarium fish with the most miserable life ever we’re going from a tiny
glowing fish to a monster fish we’re going to the old dirty bastard of
aquarium fish because there’s no father to his style we’re talking about Oscar
fish now look I’m not saying there are people that aren’t keeping it oscars
properly but they’re probably few and far between usually what ends up with
the demise of this wonderful fish you’re not sitting there you’re wagging your
tail you get home life’s pretty good you get fed all the time all of a sudden you
outgrow a tank I know a guy who had a 29 gallon tank with two 8-inch Oscars in it
way over stocked you could treat it like a king for a
while not really if you’re lucky to get fed pellets let’s be honest people who
buy Oscars generally buy them to keep them and watch them eat other fish so
you get fed feeder fish all the time you know disease-ridden the feeder fish
probably our life is good until Johnny random fish tank punk leaves and goes
off to college he leaves you at home with his parents his parents don’t know
what to do it here there’s a take him back to the pet store or be and probably
worse yet they bring you down to Johnny rain and fish tank punk down in college
where you’re forced to live in an aquarium that periodically gets beer
spilled in until your ultimate demise when the cigarette butt is put on your
aquarium ask the fish my number four fish were the most miserable fish tank
life ever my number three fish with the worst
aquarium life ever I’m talking about the pocket that’s right think about a pocket
of a miserable existence they grow up their entire lives in the shadow of the
other sweet predator cousin that eats meat only they don’t eat meat they have
the same life was an asshole they don’t hunt they just eat vegetables I sit and
grow and grow and grow and grow and grow until finally one day they’re too big
for their tank with either died from too much weighs in their tank or worse
they’re sent to the zoo where they’re forced to sit around all day and listen
to other monster fish that were donated there’s new talking about their glory
days in the past pocket I feel sorry for this fish they shouldn’t be sold in the
hobby pocket my number three fish with the worst life ever my number two grand
fish with the worst life ever we’re talking about the bubble aye goldfish
who bred this fish how did this happen this fish is a real-life example of
something based on the creepy doctor from South Park that made a bunch of
different animals of four asses only it’s worse than that because these
things don’t look like behinds look your this fish you can never see any
direction but up you’re always trying to swim around but you’re immediately
slowed down by these big giant sacks hanging off in the front of your face
your hamper and you decide your head instead you swim around in fear while
your sex getting sucked in the filter bringing you to your ultimate demise
forget the bubbles for a second okay imagine how funky your long-term
existence is with this kind of genetic makeup have you ever seen these fish
swim half of them can’t even swim in a straight line to keep floating up to the
top you spent your entire life swimming around in fear popping one of these
liquid nutsack looking sacs attached to your face Bubba like goldfish oh my lord
my number two fish were the most miserable life ever and my number one
fish absolutely worst aquarium fish life ever it’s gotta be hands down
Warren without any hope of growing over an inch long you’re stuffed into
overcrowded conditions where you look over you see your buddy Frank who dies
from God knows what sucked into the filter every now and then a fat frickin
fish tank freak kid walks past you with the container of foobie never bothers
throwing even your tank one day scoops up 50 of you and your friend some freak
who hops out in the service wagon and takes you in periodically you get put in
a tiny little ball where you get a little bit of solitude for just a second
till all of a sudden you’re getting ping-pong balls belt it at you one day
you get lucky in a ping pong ball hits you on the top of the dorsal fin you get
taken home with some kid who put you in a tiny little fishbowl only this kid
doesn’t know how to take care of fish you never changes the water but feed you
three times a day because fish need to be
fed three times a day because humans you three times a day right all of a sudden
you end up dying in your own waste meter goldfish by far and away have the worst
life of any fish ever Peter goldfish my number one fish with
the worst life ever and those are my top five fish with the worst lives ever do
me a favor folks let me know what you think what fish have the worst lives
ever maybe I’m missing some fish I don’t know John hit comment on what you think
about these I had fun making this video also not every fish has the worst life
ever check out this random comic goldfish that I have little $0.15 for
your fish that lives with my koi cuz I can’t get them out of the pond stay
tuned for an awesome fish room coming up if you like what I’m doing subscribe and
take on everybody later

100 comments on “WORST LIFE EVER -Top 5 Aquarium Fish with the most horrible lives

  1. Iridescent Sharks! They are one of the go to fish for most beginners, yet the new owners are never told how big they can get! I love them, but most people don't know they need to be with other ID sharks and they need a LARGE tank! I have two in my 150 gal with just one other fish an albino channel cat. I also live in Florida so my little buddies are going into my pond when they get around 10 inches.

  2. This was hilarious D!!! Loved the vid keep up the great work Man U inspire me and have helped me a lot in this hobby I love… much love and aloha!!


  4. Many, many years ago, I won't say how many, as a kid, my very first pet fish was a comet gold fish from the ping pong ball toss at the fair. 😢 But that is what sparked my love for fish keeping. Well, that, and my Mom's aquarium full of Angelfish, which we weren't allowed to touch. 😀

  5. I had a friend who owned a betta fish. He kept him in plastic container smaller than a solo cup. No heater, no filter, NOTHING except blue gravel and tap water. The betta lived only about a month, and he said to me, “That’s a really long time for a fish! I bet you couldn’t do better!”

    One of my bettas lived around 6 years, which to my knowledge is longer than a month.

  6. I don't think glofish actually… glow… :/
    So… yeah, they can in fact rest. You just turn off the lights at night when you go to bed.

  7. Bubble-eye goldfish all look soooo miserable… :C Why would anyone breed a genetic defect that is clearly detrimental to the health and well-being of the fish into a population??? What kind of a sadistic human being thought this was a good idea?

  8. You forgot about the feeder goldfish alternative life someone takes you and 5 more of your friends after they drive you home you see a monster tank and end up just getting fed to the bigger monsterfish



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  12. Hahaha I keep Glofish! Used to smuggle them into Canada too hahaha. I like em. Mine have always done very well

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  14. I never saw this video till today, excellent job!!! In all honesty I feel for most fish, as they're always crowded and in danger of getting eaten, unless they're the big guys. Then the big guys, aros, cichlids, etc., especially wild caught, that's criminal.😠 And yes, all the hybrids out there, especially the goldfish monsters (poor babies). What a horrible life, who the hell does this, oh, let me guess, China? Evil sh*ts…

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  16. This man is a prophet,it shouldn't be happening in the 21st century but many fish and other pets end up living a dreadful "existence" at their owners hands.Thankfully the goldfish at the fairground abuse was outlawed years ago in the United Kingdom.What a beautiful pond,proving that with care and the right conditions,plain old goldfish can indeed make a beautiful display.👍✌👌

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  19. Fun facts to know and tell: young pacu are very tasty grilled.
    And no, I am not heartless, I don't think such large fish should be in the hobby. Big "ugly" fish are for eating. Small pretty fish are for fish tanks.

  20. I once brought a paku from my lfs because he was the last SPOTED SILVER DOLLER 6 months later he's eaten my albino toad that wasn't small😟

  21. I believe i saw # 3 stuck in a filthy tank I felt so bad for them. I wanted to buy some feeder goldfish & give them the best life possible. Filters a proper setup the works.

  22. You and about 50 of your friends are sitting in a overstocked tank. Every once and a while a clueless child comes running about to your home and starts tapping on the glass, scaring you and your fellow friends. then a young child runs up yo your tank dips their hand in and yells something. Then you are bagged up and sent on a long stressful drive. Then your bags gets ripped and you are thrown into a bowl. You almost die due to shock. It's hard to breath here since there is not filter, and evenielty your bowl gets knocked over and you meet your demise. You are a comet.

  23. I am glad you didn't put in your list the balloon mollies . It's a myth that they have a miserable life . I have a female for more than 2 years and her 4 daughters . They live normal life .

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  25. I’m pretty sure only about 10% of aquarium fish bought are given good lives by their owners.

    It should be illegal for kids under 10 years old to keep fish

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  27. Lol oh my, I have glofish and 2 feeder goldfish (in separate tanks of course).
    Glofish do NOT "glow" as you seem to think. They're just brightly colored and will glow under a black light. I have them in a huge and natural looking tank and they are quit happy. Same for my 2 goldfish. I've had them for well over a year now and they're healthy and happy in their spacious, clean tank. I tell them every day they won the feeder fish lottery!

  28. I got a feeder goldfish at a carnival when I was twelve, and I named him unicorn (corny for short), and i still have him to this day. He was in a small tank for a while, then I bought him a 5 gallon, then a 10 gallon, and then finally a 40 gallon which he is living happily with a clown pleco to this day.

  29. It’s technically wrong to assume everybody treats there fish like this but at the same time I can’t help but agree I have 3 red belly pacus and 1 albino tiger oscars all babies not more than 3 weeks old there all in a 55 gallon tank and that’s just there grow out tank

  30. Ironicly glow fish are color blind and are fine with color rocks but~ they can see uv and polorized light …. Aka black lights and light through tanks aka the same lights used at petstores to show them off XD

  31. I think ALL goldfish are at risk of a terrible life because they will be put in glass bowls and get lucky if they are even put in a 10 gallon with other goldfish and will be stunted for the rest of your life because little Timmy isn’t giving them a 100 gallon tank that they need and thinks they just look cool not seeing that these are living creatures with a soul that deserve a proper home.
    Also betta fish. I don’t even need to explain myself. You go to Walmart which is a literal furniture store and you see a betta fish in a cup hat looks cool so you take it home for 3$ and get another betta fish for the same price, throw them in a bowl and they are both males, and you wonder why they died.

  32. Bettas!!! They raise them on small contaners,after this they shipping them worldwide at petstores in plastic bags with 50ml of water ,on pet stores are beeng keeped in a half filled cap, the non purchased dying from their own crap, the purchase will be by a parent who buys the betta for his kid as a present after asking the pet store employe of "what this fish needs", at home is been kepeed on a 1L or less cold and toxic jar or bowl with fake coloured gravel, sharp plastic plant and shellls that raises up the water hardness and endanger the fish.After 1 or 2 weeks dying from fin rot ,ammonia spike and stress (there are also expectations o lifespan in bowl but those are survivors).
    Only the luckiest bettas have what they actually want . The good thing of this story you know that a bettafish is a very strong and durable fish, the bad think most people thing that keeping a betta in a small bowl is right when one basic fish keeping rule is to never keep a fish under 30L and without filter and heater.

  33. Yeah, imagine having massive cheeks and having to pull em around with no proper way to move.
    "But they swim JUST FINE" solid gold aquatics

    Yeah right

  34. I know this is an old video, but I want to make sure when I get an Oscar I'm not screwing him over. If I get a baby oscar from my local aquatic store, and put it in a 90 gallon tank would I be better to put a divider in or a bunch of extra decorations I can remove later so it doesnt hurt itself. I dont wanna put a 2 inch fish in a 90 gallon, hence the divider idea. Is that sufficient?

  35. I have a 2 Oscars in a 50 gallon tank and they get fed pellets twice a day, and sometimes have live feeder fish fed to them. There is also a quite large pleco in there. Is that a good life for them?

  36. My nephew won one of those fish at a carnival they brought it home we’re told it would live a few weeks tops 8 years later he’s pretty big and still going strong! It’s amazing

  37. Glofish don’t actually glow. I am a kid who researches before buying and knows about fish. It makes me cringe when I see a kid who clearly doesn’t know anything about fish buying one at my local pet co. They are always like “ my two new rainbow sharks are going to have so much fun in there new bowl!” In case you don’t know rainbow sharks need at least a 50 gallon tank. And then my older brother has a Betta bowl and when I tell him he needs something bigger he says the fish doesn’t give a crap. When I try to tell him that he needs a filter and a heater he says that they are just trying to get you to buy stuff and that they are scams. I wish all parents and kids would do their research before buying. I also wish employees would tell people what the fish need. Just sad 😢

  38. I have 4 fishes and when I come home from school they are happy and I start tuching the glass and they follow my fingers i turn off lights when is night and they have normal aquarium with natural plants and they get food 3 times a day😁

  39. What about the common pleco?
    Petsmart misinformed Timmy’s dad about plecos. Ohh the pleco would stay small. But Timmy was WRONG. Little Timmy’s pleco got to big and Timmy’s dad dumped him in the river. The nitrates were too high in the river and the pleco died.

  40. Omg!!😂😂😂 I'm dying!! Everything you said yes so true but in the best comically way possible..

  41. Glofish can live wonderful lives if you treat them like any other white skirt, they do not actually ‘glow’, they just carry a gene for bioluminescence. Are you going to claim that naturally bioluminescent animals ‘can’t sleep’ due the proteins they create? That’s absurd, nothing but anthropomorphism.

    As long as you keep them in a well maintained community tank they’re no worse off than any other form of tetra. It’s not like the fish know or care that they have been genetically modified.

  42. "Honorable Mention" ( and I do use the term VERY loosely) has to go to the male Betta. Especially since most of them never even GET to the aquarium! I mean really… "Welcome to spacious and luxurious new living quarters….clear Solo cup, we fill you up, let's have a party!

  43. I have glofish, I especially got them NO UV LIGHTS so they don’t glow and they can rest, I made their tank look like a real life habitat so they seem special

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