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Wow Mancing Belut Di Sawah ini Hasilnya – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Here I Usually Accompanied Utruk, Atho, Asep, Here is Utruk Is trying Try Spott Thanks to friends, comrades in arms. Thank you to everyone The loyal viewers, who have been grateful for support, who already like it, already said thank you very much And Please help to support those who are not yet supported By clicking Suscribe And turn on the bell Here Still the Same Area Also Now This is the Bait Is It Not Taken? Save Here Only Yes! Here used to be This place is still the same Hopefully the Eel Day is not finished yet Because It’s Our Days Here continues the area Because here are so many Why is it like that? Ask for coffee! Let’s just jump Like the previous one Got Odonk who was there yesterday Like That Maybe the Audience, It’s Hard to Hold Great That Tho Let’s Get It Like That Njir Besar This is Utruk One More, Two Strike, Double Strike Big eel Come on, get it! Yes for sure Look at the moment Ha ha This Big, This Is a Big New Warm up Sorry, Audience Get Audience, I Also Say I Am the First I Want To Bring A Bait Before Viewers This is the Big Utruk Where, you CANNOT be broken This is a big hole See Viewers! Utruk Already Got Again Where is it not powered? How come it’s like a truck? It’s Taken … Not Eaten yet If I Am Not Eaten Tuh, Taken Viewers Tuh ,, released again Can be Sure, ,, It’s already been taken, let’s go on Continue Alhamdulillah, Release the Audience Take off, Ouch, I keep on failing, Ouch, Haha Sebel Come on try again honey Sorry, the voice is a little shrill, this is me having a cold … How many days of flu is that? Do not want to eat again like that Enter Deep Bring Feed Lazy ,, Can’t Just released Come on! It’s Edible That … Not Still Taken Already ,, I just let it go … Come on Hurry Get Honey Off again Not eaten Not eaten yet Later, if it’s eaten Like the Onge Again Like In Beware Urek Got Me Bringed, Taken An * r Brought But Not Eaten Ouch ,, New Assistant Comes Come on, quickly Difficult if not eaten Ah, take it off again Tuh ,, Utruk viewers have got it again Maybe Raja Sawah Can Continue if the same utter I’ll be there for a moment Keep on Fighting the Audience of Two People is Ouch … Betengkae Continue Eaten Not? Yes, please Get it? Do not Big? Skip the viewers Let’s Go Find Others,

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