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Writing A Song For Fish To Make Love To

Writing A Song For Fish To Make Love To

♫ (gargling sounds) – (laughing) That was sick! – [Narrator] I wanna be
ten feet tall. (laughing) – Like I’ve been reading online articles. – You love that Googler don’t ya? – I love to Google and you
know what one of ’em said? – No, what did it say? – It said we’re running out
of fish, we’re over-fishing the population of fish. – Ah yes, my uncle said he’d fish every fish in the ocean if he could. – It’s unfortunate but you know what? Science is stepping in,
they’re helping out the cause. They’re developing their
own fish mating calls to help with the over-fishing situation. – Okay that’s interesting,
but one thing I’m gonna say about that is it doesn’t
seem like it’s helped much. – I’m saying it’s up to
you and I to step in. – Okay. – (laughs) We’ll make
our own fish mating song. – We write a new fish mating song, it’s gonna be all science revelation. – Scientific resolation. – Resolation. – We are here in the studio
with old time friend, Eric McKinney. – How ya doin’? – We’ve known each other
since third grade probably. Okay heres the pitch, I’m really hopin’ you’re gonna invest in this. Thing is, there’s a lot of
people out there doing a lot of fishing, I know you know this. We’re trying to find a new way to make the fish mate whenever we want. – Consider it done. – [Alex] (laughs) Wow that’s… – Let’s do this. – We need to sound like I’m underwater, like a shipwreck. That’s what it needs to sound like, is how a shipwreck looks. – Maybe something along…
this is just a start here. (techno music)
– – Ohhh, this is nice. (upbeat keyboard music) – Oh, it’s like a Transylvania mix with underwater, you know. (percussion) – Oh I like that, it’s like a beat. (heavy techno) – (whale sounds) – (higher pitch whale sounds) – (low whale tones) – (long high note) – That sounds like the bottom of a ship. – Like an ocean beast yeah. – We’re thinking it’s
right before the chorus, when it’s building up, we go
into a base drop of sorts, and right on that drop… tell ’em. – I say … “Fresh fish” – Bam, da, na, na, na, da, na, na, na. – (laughs) – Yeah, ’cause it’s like you know. – Totally. – Do you wanna lay that down
and I’ll write something. – Fresh fish. (upbeat keyboard) – [Eric] I like that, well hold on here, let me try somethin’. – Fresh fish. (upbeat keyboard) – I was over there while
you were recording earlier. – Yeah. – And I wrote some stuff down
that I think we could both you know tag-team on, with the vocals. I love this fish, I
make love to this fish, this fish (bleep) I love it, (bleep) me like a fish, I’m
crazy (bleep) (bleep) fish, make me a fish tonight,
I’m (bleep) for this fish, wowee I want to (bleep)
a fish from all angles, yo it’s a fish fry tonight
between my (bleep), I love this fish, here we go. – (laughs) Yeah, I just, I just think like that’s pretty graphic. I just feel like it’s gonna, I don’t know it might bring
kind of a different energy into what we’re trying to do. – Right. – I like a couple of ’em. Yeah, let’s just, we’ll
work on it together. – Yeah, I think of an idea. Mind if your floor gets wet? – [Eric] Sure, that’s fine. (blows bubbles while singing) – I get what you’re doing. So they understand. – Exactly.
– (laughs) Yeah. (singing into water) – (gargling while singing) – (laughs) That was sick, that was sick. – That was like my own oral tune. – Oh my God. – I think we got a hit. – I appreciate that man. – So you’re gonna finish up the song you’ll send it to us later. – I’ll send it to you guys tomorrow. – Yes – Eric just sent us the song, we’re gonna take our first listen. – I’m ready. Wow. – I can’t believe that’s us. – I can’t believe how nice
it sounds, more importantly, and how much these fish are probably going to enjoy themselves
once they hear this. – Should find some hot and ready fish. This is so classic.
– Yeah. – But it’s a bit small. – Look at this giant wine glass. – Oh my God. (laughs) You know the smells you
could get on your wine if you were using this? (sniffs) – (laughs) – Dude this one glows. – Ohh, how much is that? – 60 bucks – ’cause that’s kind
of sexy, like you know, maybe that’ll get them. – Blue only mode. That means we need fluorescent fish. – No crabbing. (laughs) We should get this just
to set some ground rules. – I wanna put something at
the bottom of the tank but I just don’t think any of this stuff really fits the mood quite right. – Well this gets me
feeling a certain way, but I just don’t know if the
fish will feel the same way. – Glow fish, here we are,
we got glow fish right here. – Ohhh, I’m gonna assume
that the pink ones are women. Women fish. – I don’t know the assumption. – And these blue ones
should be fellow fish. So we get a blue, and a pink, they could potentially have sex. (laughs) – Alright, you know, we could, it’s fine if it’s two blue
fish or two pink fish. – Yeah, yeah, whoever wants that, You know, I’m just saying
for breeding purposes, which is our thing, these, that would be best. – Yeah that’s fair. Sir, fish man? – I’d like to buy these fish. – Look at those guys, that’s perfect. – These fish look like they’re ready to get their freak on Mike. – They’re revvin’, they’re
getting their mouths and their rears ready. – (laughs) – Their just wiggling around. Look at those lips and those tails going, whipping, whacking. – You know this is the start of something, we need to get it to an
even more sexual place. – Our fish deserve the
best, we brought them here to this hourly hotel. – Which reminds me a lot
of my childhood room. Smells the same too. – We have some mood
lighting here, and we have this 1910 heirloom bed. – Let’s get ’em in there, you ready? – Yeah. – Oh they’re gunning. – Wow, exciting times. – Wow he’s fast! – Lool, they’re sticking
by each other, look! Oh my gosh, this is a good sign. I got the speaker, are you
ready to make the magic happen? – Songs queued up, let’s go. You ready? – (laughs) I’m nervous, but yeah. (techno) ♫ Fish fish, ♫ Here fishy fishy fish ♫ Fish fish ♫ Here fishy fishy fishy – Yeah, yeah, they’re bumping a little. – They’re just meeting on
the dance floor right now. (techno) ♫ Fresh fish ♫ Fish please hook up ♫ You fish, just hook up ♫ Hey fish, have some kids ♫ You fish should make some kids ♫ Hey fish you need kids ♫ To keep your population growing ♫ Hey fish, you need to make more kids – Making eyes across the room. – Here we go. (gurgling sounds over techno) – Oh! Was that it? I think maybe that mighta just been it. – That’s how they do it. So fast, can’t be enjoyable. – Wow.
– Maybe it is. – They look like they… wow. – Oh, going in for seconds. – Ohh, ohh! – You are sick. – Well done. Ah, wow. – Okay, they’re taking a break. – They gotta cool off. – It’s over they’re cooling off
in their respective corners. – Wow, is that it? – I don’t have any
experience in this, I’m not a you know a marine biologist
but I think we may have just witnessed it. – (laughs) That was, it
was fast, it was dynamic, it was electric, it was,
I mean I think it was love is what we saw today.
– It was strangely passionate. A love that I’ve never experienced but, I’d certainly like to. – (laughs) [Narrator] If you click over on the left, you can watch more Ten Feet Tall. Click on the right to
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  1. People are understandably concerned about these fish but they are alive
    and well, living in a tank with a filter and all kinds of good stuff on our desk now. We also bought
    them some new fish friends! We did a lot behind the scenes that we didn’t film to make sure
    everything was good, and always treat animals with the utmost care and respect. The main
    concern now is making sure these fish don’t somehow download our song and play it causing a
    fish orgy making the population spin out of control in our tank. Thanks – Alex

  2. Hi!!! Any fish owners/soon to be fish owners should read this!! Never put anything that isn't meant for aquarium decoration in your tanks because they could have chemicals on them that could be bad for your scaly little friends! I researched about this kind of stuff a lot before I got my rad boy, Randy.

  3. When I need to record high fidelity audio, I use the 1/8th inch stereo jack microphone jack microphone jack jack… uh wait what?

  4. Thanks for the shoutout Mike and Alex!! It was crazy fun working with you guys. If anyone is really interested in the declining fish population checkout:

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  7. I like this show up until this point those fish were swimming up at the top of the water cuz they were struggling to breathe because you had no aerator or filter if you knew even a little bit about fish you would expect them to die in a couple days

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