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WTF is Squid Spaghetti?! 🦑 | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

WTF is Squid Spaghetti?! 🦑 | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

(clacking) – My hair snap was on it. You saw that? – Basic To Bougie. – Basic To Bougie! The basic to basic to bougie. Bougie to basic to basic to bou-bou! What’s happenin’, I’m
Darren Big Baby Brand. – I’m Timothy Smaller Baby DeLaGhetto. (chuckles) – I don’t like when you do that. – [Timothy] So you know what we do. – What we do?
– We try three different versions of one type of food. Try to figure out which is the cheapest, which is the most expensive. To show you guys that sometimes, the most basic food can be bougie. – Or that the most
bougie food can be basic. – True. – It’s time to be basic.
– Bring on the basic. – Don, D-O-N! – Don Vit.
– It’s a hot plate be careful. – Hot plate, hot plate.
– He said it’s hot. He said it’s hot, hot, hot, hot. – Oh, oh, oh. Oh, it’s skas-ghet-ti. – I love spaghetti! Oh, this makes me joy. – Yeah, it makes me joy, too. It’s not just spaghetti. It’s all types of pasta,
that’s what we’re doin’. – It don’t matter. – That’s the one? – I’m going to eat this
whole plate, if it’s good. – It’s looking like your
basic, your basic spaghetti. – Spaghetti’s never basic. – No?
– No. – Not even when there’s– – Ah, no.
– Are you sure? – Spaghetti is high end. – Is it?
– High end. – What do you mean? – It’s considered a
delicacy over in Congo. – In the Congo?
– Ehm-hmm. – Okay, cool. I’m gonna take your word for it. I’ve never been. – Oh, I have. – So, are we doin’ this first? – No, last.
– Last? – We’re definitely
savin’ the best for last. Let’s get this freaky what, black pasta? – It’s black pasta, so you should be. Hey, can I do that, too? – Sure.
– All right. – [Darren] Wanna jump in heavy? Hey, what they got, is that crumb? – Looks like some type
of bread crumbs on here. – I bet it’s an eggplant pasta. – It’s good.
– Is it? – Ehm-hmm, it doesn’t taste like eggplant. – Why is it crunchy? – [Timothy] That’s the,
like the bread crumbs, whatever’s on top. Mmm, it’s not bad. – There’s a lot goin’
on with that, yo, a lot. There’s tomatoes. – Yeah some tomatoes, some onions. – Oh no, man, I feel like
this is the spaghetti from Pirates of the Caribbean
when they was in the sea. – Some squid ink. – Yeah, like–
– You can taste it, it just tastes like
some regular ass pasta. – No, it tastes like there’s
cookie crumbs on pasta. – A little bit of texture.
– Bread crumbs, yeah. – Yeah, bread crumbs. The pasta has bumps. – But good bumps, though. Not the bumps you’re used to, nasty. – Let’s get to the green one. – All right, these noodles are I love these, these are fusilli. ‘Cause I always one of these. – Why?
– The little squiggly ones. – What are they called?
– Fusilli. – Oh. – Good, it’s pesto. You’re not feelin’ the pesto? – It’s very grainy. – I mean, how does it taste? – Very healthy. It tastes so healthy. – [Timothy] Oh, it does
taste a little grassier than regular ass pesto. – [Darren] Oh my God. – [Timothy] Like they took
a shot of wheat grass, and kind of sprinkled that in. – Ah, this dude got wheat grass on it. – That’s interesting. – Wheatgrass pasta? – You guys are always try to bring us some healthy (beep) man, weird. – We’re not about that (beep). – All right.
– All right, let’s go. Hold on, hold on, hold on. – Wait, wait, wait, wait.
– What? – Go ahead and tuck in. – Oh, yeah, ’cause it’s
’bout to go down, yeah. – [Timothy] He just loves it so much. – I love spaghetti, mmm. – You said mmm before
you even tasted it, bro. – It’s real hard to mess up spaghetti. – Mmm (chuckles). – I can do without the meatballs. I like ground beef on mine. – All right.
– Are we gonna vote? – That is your spaghetti. (Darren humming) (suspenseful music) – Go ahead
– So what you got, you done? Clearly this is the cheapest. (laughing) – But it’s–
– It’s delicious. All right, so we’re gonna go cheapest, middle, most expensive. – I’m down. – Lock in.
– Lock in. – Don. – Don, let me read this one. (playful music) (throat clearing) – Uh-oh, comin’ in cheapest. – Nah, you playin’.
– No. – Ain’t no way in the world.
– Comin’ in cheapest. – He’s lyin’.
– Comin’ in cheapest. – Remember I got him like
a couple a while ago? He’s lyin’. – The cheapest, fusilli
with pesto, $8 per bowl. – It don’t got no meat in it. – We shoulda known, it
came from the earth. – It’s outside. (Timothy chuckling) – Spaghetti with meatballs. The most expen– No, I’m just playin’. Spaghetti with meatballs, $16 per bowl. – Ah, you can get it at the
store if you’ve got 10 bucks. It’ll serve ya for two days. – Yeah, true. And lastly, we got the, oh, I was right. Squid ink pasta with
calamari and shrimp ragu, $25 per bowl. There’s calamari in here, where? – I had squid spaghetti? – Squid ink, it’s not the actual squid. It’s just what they squirted out. – It’s they (gasping). (burping) (Timothy chuckling) – We ate squid (gags)? – Not really they (beep). You gonna be all right, dog. (peaceful music) – [Timothy] It’s bougie time. – Hey, put on your swimming
cap like you ’bout to dive in. ♪ Oh, I’m about to dive in ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, yay ♪ Splash. Don, Don da-Don-Don. – Come set the mood, bro.
– Oh shoot, my bad. – What is this? ♪ Let me set the mood right. ♪ – Ew, our first touch is freaky. – Are you grabbin’ it? There’s only one. – Uh, I hope it’s not a penis.
– Uh oh, it’s not. It can’t be. – It’s a penis?
– No. – What it smell like? – Don’t put it in my mouth like that. – Where’s your face? – Don’t put in my face.
– Where’s your face at? What it smell like? (sniffing) – Kinda meaty, kinda? – Hold on, do it break? – Yeah, break it.
– It’s meat! – Ah, it’s a sausage.
– Sausage! – Yay! (humming) – Yeah! – All right, so now we got
our bougie option here. It’s some cured meats. – Cured meats! – Cured meats, it’s
like a char-chu-ter-rie. – Char-sugary.
– Char-chew-ter-ie. – That’s what it is! – The producer told us to say that. (buzzing) – Add some ket, I won’t
gonna let him know that. – Aw.
– Let’s jump in. This looks expensive off the appearance. Like little small rib eyes. – (laughing) Okay, now
that you mention it. – You know what I’m sayin? Like this is your thin sheet bacon. Is this a sheet of meat?
– It’s a sheet of meat. It’s a meat sheet. Let’s try this one. – [Darren] All right. (violin music) – Some salty ham. Some fatty, salty ham. – That fatty as (beep). – It’s good though.
– Is it? – Yeah, I like it. I like some fatty meat though. – Don, about to lose it over here with all this meat we got in his presence. (laughing) – Don’s a vegetarian, guys.
– Yup. – [Timothy] All right,
what for next, this guy? – Is this pepperoni? It’s pepperoni-ish. It looks like this.
– Just cut up. – Cut up, right? Look at it. – The, uh, oh God! The marbling is different. – Look at that marble. (Timothy chuckling) – Just don’t, don’t, then your fat is going to lick me in the lip! – I’m sorry, I hope they put
that in slow motion (roaring). (groaning) – Don’t hit me in the face
with your meat, Darren! (laughing) – All right, here we go.
– All right. – A little tougher. – Mmm. – My blood pressure is gonna be so high with all this salt. – Good though. – Yeah, what is this? – [Timothy] Peppercorn is in there. – Why is the edge like that? – The edge, oh why is it like ashy? – Yeah, they didn’t lotion their meat? – I guess not, lotion your meat. – You guys give us ashy meat?
– Lotion your meat, guys. – All this time we don’t
deserve good lotioned meat. Mmm, oh that’s hard, that’s aggressive. You gotta have good teeth for this one. See (mumbling). – It’s like, uh, salami? – Huh?
– Salami. – Is salami cured meat?
– I think so, it’s cool. – This doesn’t taste good. – No, this tastes just
kinda like lunch meat to me. – Yeah. You wanna pick?
– Sure. – Bougie meats, this tastes good. – I like them all. They’re all kinda salty,
this one’s like fattier. – I think the ashy is the most expensive. – You think so? – It’s cut like little steaks. – But, I was gonna go for the ashy just because it reminded me
of just like, some salami. My vote is– (dishes clattering) Hey dog, chill out.
– Move out of the way. – My vote is the cheapest. – Now your record on bougie is what? – Horrible.
– Okay. – I’ll be overthinking it. Cheapest, we got the
prosciutto, most expensive. And we’re gonna put
this one in the middle. – Let’s do it, Don! – Don! – My boy. – Don Vito. – All right first up, dried salami with the
white ash, $5 a pound. Got that right Tim! – Hell yeah, we did it!
– Whoa! – Prosciutto di Parma, $30 a pound. Okay, so I was off. Prosciutto is in the middle. – The sheet.
– The sheet. – You know this is 24-month aged? – Wow. – We ate two-year-old meat?
– Kinda. (chuckling) – You fed us 24-month old meat? (Timothy laughing) What were you doing 24 months ago? This was gettin’ ready. (Timothy laughing) It was hangin’ like, yeah, they say they’re gonna
use me in about two years for the show that’s comin’
out on a YouTube channel. So I’m a just hang out ’til
then and just trim me up, bro. – And last here, we got
the pure Iberico cured pork loin for $90 a pound.
– Dollars a pound. – The pigs were fed a diet of acorns.
– Acorn. – Oh you knew already? – I read it. That is saying, I shoulda
went, well I knew it! What was I thinkin’, that was my chance! – Damn it! ♪ This is basic to bougie ♪ ♪ To bougie ♪ ♪ The best show in the world ♪ ♪ The circle of meat ♪ – I’m Tim DeLaGhetto. – I’m Darren Big Baby Brand. – Basic To Bougie. – Have some of our meat.
– Please. (peaceful music)

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    24 months ago this meat was hanging there like they said they gonna use me in 2 years for a youtube show ima just chill till then

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    Also him : ✊🏾
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