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Xiaomi Black Shark 2 | Încă un telefon de GAMING? | Unboxing & Review

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 | Încă un telefon de GAMING? | Unboxing & Review

Greetings good people and we will find you on our channel I have a tip for you to use a foil for the phone because I managed to touch the screen in a big way Sleeping uplifting live please don’t know what I did for I usually take care of phones But in any case put a plastic film with the glass hand Well, what do you want to look after him for? Because he’ll be sorry when you have a scratch From top to bottom On the screen today we talk about show me Black Shark 2 Pro a phone that appeared somewhere in August and or Determined to reach us at the end of the year We did the test runs and how we got excited quite a lot because Experience different experience and somehow more refined than the model Previous Let’s see what this is all about Forget all Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter the Giveaway to enter the contest We have this way 8GB RAM 128 GB storage space Tower I see two me why it would be Dual sim It is definitely dual Telekom Here is your presentation Black shirt design Black Shark I like this gradient From black to green And everything The box is textured Boy Let’s take the lid off The part Attention to details In this packaging it amazes me Here Is a Lloret Soft that protects the phone We put the lid aside and we are greeted by the phone we have here Text Goodness competes Wow The phone is placed between a foil and I will set it aside for the moment Not the cover aside This is a Plus Plastic that holds the phone A place And Take a look at the details Kiss club Power adapter gamepad Gamepad stand And Cable But I’m not talking about that here This Little Cards this little tongue It’s a shark’s wing And he pulls it so nice I ignore it I have I have the charger And here It’s the case Otherwise Plastic And cardboard but it’s a very good quality plastic and cardboard and unboxing experience gave me back I tell you honestly Let’s leave these little aside to see what we have in this envelope Stickers That’s honestly I didn’t open them for the first time when it was unpacked because I actually got the tune I took the phone to the plateau I have not had patience yet Why lie to you Even I did not have patience We are waiting for I present this phone Ok sticker Office supplies Here we have a cover A semi-transparent case With Such a smoky hue to me why they put the silicone put last time was plastic It was a little more qualitative Charger Let’s see what charger we have Look a little You also forget how much Attention to Details my charger comes cubes Not to do it Noise in transport and so on 5 volts 3 amps 9 volts 3 amps And here we have again In the packaging The plastic is the obvious c-type USB charger An adapter from USB type c To Jack because he doesn’t We have to keep up with the fashion and not have a jack on an expensive phone And finally It’s a gamepad Gamepad Which attaches to the case Opa It attaches such covers left analogous Up down Left Right Button One of switch One of For the gamepad USB type c for charging And by the way Pam Pam It comes out Now let’s see the phone and talk about the phone It’s here I put it in the bag I pray Cover many I was a protective foil Which you will throw anyway Let’s look a little at the phone To stay Look, you too How it looks Effect Big wolf We have a weird x here lights LEDs and lights Power Plus buttons And minus Power button The Shark mode Fingerprint sensor below Pixi screen I said of foil earlier This one comes with an over-applied foil from the factory is a plastic foil but gift Doing the rest is a combination of Aluminum with glass and all kinds of elements cry Gaming In the end I like it very much It is a combination of black and green is not a phone to take everyday With you or not is a phone If you are a businessman remove this phone though It is one of the products that has the factor Wow leaving the joke aside Let’s get this phone button to start with an AMOLED chessboard 6.30 and 9 inches diagonally has full HD resolution Plus and a density of 403 pixels per inch It covers 109% of the spectrum. So p3 we have Always on display And as a bonus 240 maps Shut up sensing namely Don’t be fooled Refresh the rite of the panel is 60 pounds Instead Digitizer responds much faster to commands than a regular panel and that’s why it’s a touch sensing Basically you don’t have to Input lag With quotation marks, of course Overall I like the screen is very bright and the accuracy with which it reproduces the colors is very high again Content will look almost Almost flawlessly moving on to the operating system We have Android 9 almost in stock And I like this more classical approach to the operating system we don’t have one Very very modified skin practically modified no experience is as close as possible Pixel or Google Praktiker Android Vanilla plus minus a few extra things like Game Dog because we have this one controller Digital wellbeing that has been there for some greens Bake Instead we have an option Here It’s called lights And I can personalize it How this phone interacts with notifications The way he shows them to me Basically you can customize my color To these LEDs Including those on the edge And yes we have some leds on the edge Which I know It seems very And Why lie I am a man I just see the lights and eating Let’s see how he did in the synthetic tests We have an 855 snapdragon processor plus power brute From my point of view AnTuTu b Pepe Septum few know With AntTuTu 400 63300 two points And here you have the scores displayed in the other categories Let’s look at the geekbench 536 points in gold single and 2057 points in many Practically It is a beast of cell phone is very Strong And it’s a bit cheaper than ASUS Rog phone Two on the connectivity side we are not at all bad we have dual band wifi 5g maps bluetooth 5.0 with aptx HD support So we also have signal Very good audio On bluetooth We have USB type c But it’s USB 2.0 is not USB 3.0 So yes You will take many pictures or film Somehow you have to wait a little longer for To download Content in one laptop And because we were talking about rooms we Two I’m back here The main one is 48 Megapixels f1.8 and we have no stabilization Second Street Camera It is a 12 Megapixel camera and is a camera phone lens Zoom Optic 2x Unfortunately this is not the case Does not have Optical stabilization and I would be And you want to see working But if you think about it, it’s still a phone Gaming The selfie camera is 20 megapixels f2.0 Let’s play with this phone as you saw earlier I downloaded More games will activate the mode Shark Kuma My name is shaorme Nobody bothers me even the button Home does not go here I have a carousel With all the games I see that it has recognized my AnTuTu benchmark Well it is probably 3D 3D test which He was recognized on the playing field Let’s play for the first time Let’s look here in the graph settings I gave Hdr settings because Ultra HD is currently invalid Frame rate Option x I modified it here The style in which the image is displayed I gave colorful for More colorful I activated anti Lightning Of course, the shadows were already activated And here We selected the option for Curved corners I will test the game a bit display With the on-screen controls and then I have here at hand and controller Forget a little Good on the way It is colorful Which is very Icandy What do Americans say Here in this lobby If I can call it that Moves Very fluid And I cry very fluidly I personally have never played At this level on a mobile phone Good 240d maps Shut up sensing Or more precisely a digitizer that will respond very well to the input And to prove it to you That’s how I put your finger And he just does Well you can do this on absolutely any phone just because it is more sensitive What you don’t have that input Leg Let’s see what it sounds like though it doesn’t sound good on music on games He should hear Something more interesting The gameplay experience is the best experience I’ve had So far Personally on a mobile phone the speakers sound very good to hear stereo though The lower one sounds a little louder than the one above We closed the game Let’s connect this gamepad Basically I have to put the phone in the case Otherwise not Because of this mounts Which simply attaches to silicone It has no clips and has absolutely nothing If I do not want to play I want to keep with it I can keep this plastic although it shows little Strange little Industrial yes You just won’t talk So with the phone to your ear However We press this button We turn on the Gamepad ul ok Here in the left gamepad It would be interesting to have And right gamepad I started another game in pub G With The attached controller does not feel like a real Xbox or PlayStation controller It does not feel like other controllers that I put my hand to mobile phones And somehow it’s a new experience Which you have to get used to But it’s not bad This joystick He has one Control Separately acting from the left or right corner in fine You can reset Here I have a gamepad button And he shows me the mapping of the buttons I can take the button Example left Button Left button I’ll take it over the item I need And it gives Save And so I do button mapping If I want to change or I want to I do the controls differently Activate this menu again Opa That’s how I play on the gamepad And I can move this pad To kiss With the joystick movement For example, I can ask myself how I got here On one of these buttons You can target me And the moment he put it I have the target set In any case you have the opportunity to make your own checks On every game And then there is no longer the axis in any problem It’s just not the case now to make fine adjustments There are several eggs I started and the new Asphalt to be honest is one of the only car games Which I really like, too Thanks to the music I like music very much in this game Let’s see How the controller behaves I made a few settings That’s what the controls look like I have Adi in the middle to be able to make a right Right here And here I put it on Brake Who troll On Arrow up I like the experience You wanted it again I tell you honestly I would like to have those Control on the right side But I can handle it too And with the left side I really like it The idea of having the screen free I don’t have to touch the wolf screen Hello at all And I really like this, you just have to get used to it With the controls on the left side in the rest I have nothing to comment about I really like it and besides this The experience of spitting as you have seen is uninterrupted. This is the last game you are testing and I promise to leave you alone with With the games It’s called Shadow Fight 3 is one of my favorite Fighter style games From mobile phones Why Because it has interesting graphics I don’t really like the controls this is Shadow Fight 3 I played one and two but no I was getting in Even now I don’t like accounts so much Again this is He is another Default and And somehow he found it very good Fists and foot Here On these two buttons Of course Move Left Right Let’s see how it goes Look this I like I like it responds better Than No touchscreen The moment you want to go diagonally Well, I’m not talking about this phone, this phone responds well to the orders anyway But I encountered this situation Several times at various times Games like this controller Do what All The job You have the free screen You can keep it right here again you have to get used to Playing on the left side Now we are nearing the end of this video and let’s talk a little bit About this phone Personally, I don’t think it’s a gaming phone I mean, ok for an 855 Plus and 8 Gigabyte RAM works pretty well It is moving fast due to the Ups 3.0 flash but I have seen this on other phones as well However, I have to give him credit for being the cheapest phone Gaming between quotes, that is It’s cheaper than drones and cheaper than the vaser phone Comes with this package Marco half Controller Which I find quite interesting But On the connectivity side I don’t have NFC so if I want to use this phone to make a card payment I can’t and still is a pretty expensive phone if it were And consider this We have a 4000 milliampere battery with 27 v Loading It loads quickly but 4,000 milliamps Maybe 4,000 half was OK considering it’s a gaming phone and This is gaming on him, meaning you play until the battery runs out and if you sit with him he charges and you play there is possible The ability Not to charge Or get very hot which does absolutely nothing good Battery The audio part does not have a jack jack And I do not understand why the speakers are heard quite well I could only say that I have seen Many other models with cheaper stereo speakers that have a fuller and richer round sound Unlike the Shea 1,000 Black Shark 2 Pro namely Still it is experience Good use in terms of gaming1 but it is not a complete experience and I would not have liked to have it This thing Good and I got to the sensitive point of this phone photo quality Compared to last year’s model is a bit of an upgrade but if you were to put it This phone compared to what is on the market In this price segment It’s good you don’t have much to do Chicks can take some pretty good pictures with this phone are bright and contrasting They are full of detail But you have only one problem, you have no optical stabilization That I, too, would have liked for them to have optical stabilization for their money, because I could already compete Good Thanks Queue phones from this price segment and then Not How to differentiate and the application of the camera is exactly The one we see on phones and the A1000 they usually have That one and y Please install that mini y skin It is very easy to use and I like that I have manual control instead I was left with something Very very impressed and this is it The experience of ambox I did not deploy from Samsung either And neither from Huawei nor from another companies A phone And stay that way with a joy to see To open What that box But what’s here but look How cool they are Put And so on I mean I have to give them 10 for the presentation of the product Maybe a year he refines a bit The idea of a gaming phone And they will put something on the market that will really break the mouth of the Fair I have a curiosity I have not heard anything about Razer I do not know what happens to the Razer phone 3 If we go out if it will not go out Finally until next time you know what to do Do not forget to check the description for useful links and updated prices And at the same time With the opinion of Black Shark 2 Pro in the comments section below

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  1. Eu cred ca ați facut o gresala,Black Shark 2 are SD855 iar Black Shark 2 Pro are SD855+,iar preturile din magazinul vostru nu sunt logice
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    Xiaomi Black Shark 2-2900 Lei

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