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Yellowfin Grouper Fishing in Key West FL – Not a Strawberry Grouper

Yellowfin Grouper Fishing in Key West FL – Not a Strawberry Grouper

♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪So you like that one for bait size
huh?Oh yeah!>>Okay. [Laughs]>>Big bait, big fish definitely applies here. ♪♪>>So you’re gonna try to exchange a yellowtail
for a grouper huh?>>The old upgrade. Like i’m getting a new cell phone. [Laughing]>>Well Chris our last trip we got two shows
shot in an hour this trip we got two shows shot in two days. Just goes to show you that it ain’t always
on fire all the time. It ain’t like you see on tv all the time right?>>It is called fishing. Not catching. We do a lot of catching but we also do a lot
of fishing.>>Well we’ve done a lot of catching, trust
me.>>Fish on! Nope. Uh oh- Oh that is a fish. How’s he feel?>>He ain’t huge, but->>Like a fish?>>Like a saltwater fish. ♪♪>>Like a saltwater fish huh?>>I like it when they’re coming this way.>>Yeah you get them fifteen feet up and they
start embolizing they’re a lot easier to get up than that AJ was [Laughing]>>Oh, look at that one!>>What is that one there?>>That’s a yellowfin.>>That’s a yellowfin grouper? What a beautiful fish.>>Gorgeous grouper. Get pliers on that one. I have never seen one of these.>>That’s actually the first one I’ve caught
myself.>>Really!? Look at that beautiful fish. Unbelievable colors on them. That is gorgeous.>>He’s almost like a black grouper just all
them colors on him.>>That is absolutely gorgeous. So what you want to do with this guy?>>You know what, we got a couple in the box
let’s let that one go.>>Look at him in the sun. That is the most beautiful grouper I’ve ever
seen in my life.>>That thing is awesome. Like every grouper combined.>>Here let your grouper go, you never caught
one huh?>>Yup, that’s the first one I’ve gotten. Let’s see if he goes.>>Off he goes. Brother that was one beautiful fish. That’s probably the prettiest fish I think
I’ve ever seen in my life>>Gorgeous, that was cool.>>I want to catch one now. [Laughs] We’re going to regroup y’all stay
tuned we’re going to be right back with some more Addictive Fishing and Mr. Horseshoe right
here. That was a good fish man. Awesome. Beautiful fish. ♪♪>>Come on kingfish. He’s getting nervous ain’t he?>>He just came up for a minute.>>So what we’re doing here folks is we’re
going along and we find the bait like this and this is what I’m looking for on the finder
that right there is what I call a boomerang and when it looks like a boomerang like that
it’s usually a kingfish. It’s up above that school right there just
looking for any kind of injured fish at all but that’s what you look for when you’re kingfishing,
a boomeraing mark on your finder and this Humminbird shows it very very well. And man when you hear the kingfish have showed
up you got to get out here I mean what a smoking fish to catch.>>Usually that first push of fish you’ll have
a bigger concentration of them you’re gonna get them on the beach. Early in the year the smaller ones but you
know there’s always bigger ones right behind them.>>Well I think the eight footers will do the
trick I rigged them up last night with that thirty pound Seaguar Smackdown let’s see if it puts the smackdown on the kingfish. Oh a little something something around mind, I just saw it. That’s what I caught that last one on was-
Oh fish on baby!>>Is he there still? He ate right here. There he is.>>He come up and ate something else.>>Oh aww- I had one hit mine too. My bait just got eaten.>>You want to put that spot lock on? Take it out of gear Oh this one is a mad one. I think I just felt that stinger hook hook in.>>Slide out of the main hook and the stinger got it? Second time when I was reeling mine in just then I got blasted again almost had a double heads up under the boat.>>So what do you think we got on here? Well being as ever five minutes or so we seem to get hammered by a kingfish the last two we had two strikes at the same time We just couldn’t stick them oh he’s another good one. man we haven’t caught any little ones today fish on the surface.>>I like when you don’t have to measure them you know?>>And there he goes. Bye, bye.>>Eight footer is doing the trick today.>>Yeah we talked about how that parabolic
bend makes such a difference allows you to fight the fish, tire him out. Absorb that shock when they make those long
runs>>Yup>>And of course when they destroy a bait. ♪♪>>Come on lets get another look at you, there
you are. See how good you’re hooked. Yes sir that looks like a pretty good fish.>>Heck yeah it is. another nice kingfish. thank you sir>>And that’s another caught fish, almost? I thought I felt that stinger come out, I
mean not the stinger the main hook.>>Settle down buddy. Easy.>>Beautiful.>>Beautiful, Tampa Bay kingfish Kingfish season
is in full effect folks.>>Hey you know one thing, the other day I’ll
let you let this guy go fist go ahead and give him a good plunge>>See you again.>>Gonna say the other day my buddy was telling
me he said some of the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life was about a twenty-pound kingfish
he had some Japanese fish in key west and he goes I couldn’t believe it the guy was
going nuts over this kingfish and as they were cleaning the other fish, he went up and
sliced everything up put some lemon juice on it some->>Wasabi?>>Wabaso sauce yeah but uh good sushi too,
kingfish smoked mainly, they’re good fried. They’re kingfish.>>That’s perfect size you know that twenty-four
inch fork length minimum you know just about bigger than that up to about maybe twenty
pounds.>>And that’s it. ♪♪>>Well they’re not hard to see, that whole
big gray area is the snook right?>>Yeah there are some other darker bottom
patches in here so you got to be able to put it together. If it starts moving then that’s them. [Laughing]>>Well everybody loves snook that’s just a
rock pile out here that they come hang around?>>Uh huh, here we are the beginning of July
the fish show up here every summer.>>They come out here in July?>>They actually come out the full moon of
May so basically May, June, July, and August those moons is when these fish spawn here.>>On the east coast it’s a little different
than what these guys are doing they stage up in the passes then shoot out.>>I’m not sure these fish every see the mangroves. I think these fish just travel up and down
the coast out here and this is where they live.>>Well they’re sitting right there waiting
for a nice greenie to be thrown in front of them>>Ok let’s do it.>>I know y’all can’t see it right now but
there’s a big gray spot what’d you say five-hundred to a thousand snook usually?>>Probably, yeah somewhere in that area.>>It don’t take long. Should be right about there huh?>>Good cast yeah, let me get out of your way. You coming this way?>>I’m gonna go whichever way the fish wants
to go.>>That could be a nut-whacker. ♪♪>>Oh he just got hit I think. Fish on baby! Oh- uh oh! I think it’s a grown one.>>I think it’s a grown one.>>ha ha ha! That’s it baby!>>What we’ve done, we’ve changed spots we
come back on one of Brian’s rock piles here and theres a school of snook out here that
y’all just would not believe I don’t know if y’all can see them or not there’s just
a big giant gray spot out here and it’s nothing but snook. Anything to eat these?>>Yeah sharks and goliaths. Yeah we need to get on him a little bit especially
these bigger fish, I wouldn’t baby them too much.>>I ain’t trying to. [Laughs]>>He’s just pulling hard right?>>Yeah people that know the eight-footer this
thing is bent pretty good. Ugh->>That’s a decent fish Blair. He’s trying to stay right there isn’t he?>>He’s trying to stay with the school, here
he comes. I think this one is going to be a good one. It’s not a bad one. Nice snookie.>>Here I got the rod.>>Ugh, oh yeah. That’s a pretty one baby.>>That looks almost like a slot fish there
Blair.>>Almost. And there we go A nice snook and they are
bigger here We did a show out here with one of my buddies that’s no longer with us. Captain Glenn Andrews it was right on this
same spot catching these fish. Beautiful snook. Absolutely beautiful. Get on out of here. They’re still here brother. Let’s get another one.>>That was first cast. Here you go, here’s your weapon.Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.>>On today’s rig it right folks I’m going
to show you a couple of rods that I think might be the only two you need in your whole
line up. This is the eight foot model this is the Flats
Blue inshore model and it’s one of the most versatile rods. You’ve seen it catch snook you’ve seen it
catch tarpon and you’ve seen it catch a lot of different fish throughout the years on
Addictive Fishing. A four-thousand size reel this one has rigged
with thirty-pound test Seaguar Smackdown and a lot of the time it’s just forty pound test
fluorocarbon leader that i’m using. that i’m using. If you want to know each individual rig it
right and exactly what I was using make sure you go back to our youtube sites and check
out the rig it rights from there. another rod I want to show you, and you’re
going to see this one here in action. You saw it in the first part of the show when
Capt Chris caught that yellowfin grouper, but this one here we gave it a workout This
is the five-six jigging stick it’s a conventional. Now this one here has a gimbal on it you can
lock it in to a belt if you need to, locks into your rod holder and it’s just a very
powerful rod I think you could actually lift a Volkswagen off the bottom with this. But definitely gets the job done with some
big fish remember one thing though, every fishing season starts at Dick’s. Now up next we went down to Key Largo to fish
with Capt. Tony Melton we did a show with him last year where he hooked into a monster
fish and this year I happened to have the pleasure of it we caught permit, we caught
tripletail we caught a ton of fish down there, but this is one you didn’t get to see on the
show. ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>Something out out there. I have to get down to the bottom huh?>>Yup as soon as you put it down on the bottom
they eat it.>>Okay. Uh oh, we got something on the big rod.>>Grouper, grouper. ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>Mystery fish in the middle of Florida Bay
This is the middle of Florida Bay isn’t it?>>Uh we’re in the Gulf of Mexico. Officially in the Gulf of Mexico.>>I think we got a mogan. ♪♪♪ ♪♪>>You got that belt there yet Tony?>>I’m looking for it buddy.>>I might not need it now. ♪♪♪ I don’t need it I don’t think. Let’s see how big he is. ♪♪>>There he is>>It’s a nurse shark. [Laughing] That is a huge nurse shark.>>Big ass nurse shark.>>Right color, wrong species. But gah what a nurse shark.>>You know how you can tell they’re a nurse
shark right? She’s wearing her uniform. [Laughs]>>Man what a beast. That is a lobster eating machine right there
isn’t it?>>That is, that thing will consume a bunch
of lobsters. Oh well, is that de-hooker there?>>Yeah let’s see where that thing went.>>What a fish.>>You know, I cant tell you how many times
I’ve caught a nurse shark and before you get him up you think it’s a great big goliath
grouper and this was like no other time. We both thought it was a grouper when it came
up until you see that great big shark body on it a lot of fun to catch but kind of a
disappointment when you think it’s something else. when you think it’s something else. Don’t forget about our website Addictive Fishing
dot com we have a tackle shop so everything that I use on the show you’re going to be
able to get right from the tackle shop now great new tackle store. That about wraps it up, hope you enjoyed today’s
show called bits and bites and we’ll see y’all next week. ♪♪>>Check out more footage from this show by
logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers>>I got a dollar, I got a dollar- Oh I got
a big dollar. Ate about everything but the hook. Agh! Well you know if it’s an amberjack one of
the camera guys is gonna get to fight a fish today. By crikey it’s a big female you can tell it’s
a nurse shark.

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  5. Captain Blair you are great, always leave me wanting to go back to our Naples home for some good GOM fishing!

  6. How can you call this a "Yellow fin" when no single bit of it is yellow, light brown at best, and half of it's body is bright red?

  7. I have seen several comments about is this fish a fireback or yellow fin grouper. I had to look pictures of them both. The problem with some of these postings is that some of you are not taking into account "local" names variation from one local to another. The fish in question is know both as a fireback grouper and a yellow fin grouper plus plus one or two other names. But there is only one latin name for this species: Mycteropea venenosa.

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