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Yelp Sunday: Fighting Eel

Yelp Sunday: Fighting Eel

black friday just around the corner, everybody is getting excited and looking for those deals and joining us this morning we have Summer from Eel. Hello and we have Emi Hart with Yelp. Good morning. Were excited aren’t you? Very very excited and you brought some great deals for black friday tell us about those. Yes, the holiday buzz is in the air and anyone who has shopped at any of our black Friday events knows just how exciting it is. It gets crazy. It gets crazy and I think this year is no different. We’ve got special styles and cuts that are being produced for Black Friday in specific at our discounted prices we got special promotions going on, on our existing collections so its going to be amazing. And what’s great is, its not only dresses, you got jewelry, you also got some bags. Yeah, so during the holiday season our buyers are really focused on bringin in some thrifty items. Weve got really cute leather handbags we also got fun jewelry This is great because you can also buy mommy and the little baby too. And these are made here? Yes, this is our Fred and ?? Line its been huge with our mothers to match with your mini. Really cute styles. Cuts perfect, easy- going, versatile. Definitly need a set for my mini me’s. Yes, for sure. And on yelp it is doing so great. Yeah! So what’s wonderful about Finding Eel is that they are truly locally owned business and because they manufacture here its locally made in paradise. And recent survey says that 8 in 10 americans are going to be choosing to buy locally this holiday season. 1. Because they want a unique gift. 2. Because they want to feel really good about their purchase and keep the money here. Awesome. And where can they find you? We have three locations. Our store is on 1133 Bethel street. That’s our finding eel downtown location also at Royal Hawaiian Shopping center and Kailua. And exciting news, we are also opening up in Kahala Mall. Great deals coming up on Black Friday. Thank you both for joinig us. Can you believe it? Got to go shopping soon. Alight. youre watching KITV4 Morning news. We”ll be right back after this break.

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