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You would not believe how this fish farm raise THOUSANDS of FISH to grow faster

You would not believe how this fish farm raise THOUSANDS of FISH to grow faster

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you are here back at Dexter’s world chanel Today we’re going to greet our friends from America our friends from Switzerland our friends from Canada our friends from Europe and our friends from India, of course We have so many viewers in this countries and I would like to greet you all my friends Thank you for following us. And today we are going to make an update about our fish here in our residence Well, of course, you will see that I am feeding this breeder fish with hard boiled egg I wasn’t able to get live food from the rice field. That is why I am giving now this Hard-boiled egg many have asked Dexter. Is hard boiled egg good for our fish? Yes It’s very good for our fish and you will see them now eating their Breakfast they are so hungry and they really wanted to eat this kind of food well We are so successful in Conditioning our fish and my principle is to let other people breed our fish Because I cannot do it by myself I’m too busy now That’s why I am engaging people in the community to breed more Fish and they have sure buyer if they gotta produce this one By the way, I have also made a new arrangement I have here a new tank for our breeder Guppies well I cannot put the breeder gap is yet because the water is very New and many have asked, Dexter. How would you condition your water? Well, the conditioning of water is just easy We’ll just allow the water to stay in the box for how many days the three-day period is really very important before We will place our fish in the tank and this the way I conditioned the water and of course we can go to the other side of our Backyard breeding farms. You will say that we have rabbits Also, we have grown our lettuce and we have the super worm We will have an update also about or baby koi we have 3000 baby kois that are newly placed in this tank 3000 Japanese baby cows are here and they are waiting for their breakfast many of us Dexter. How did you? Able to manage your baby koi every month. We are producing Thousands of baby kois and we sell this at the pet store. every month We are able to sell more than 2000 baby kois to the island provinces of sulu Basilan, tawi-tawi and the neighbouring provinces in Zamboanga Peninsula it’s very easy to maintain the health of our koi but I admit that one of the things that Challenges us is the power Interruption here in our place. We normally experience blackout and blackout is the local term that we use Whenever there is power interruption Well my tip to you guys If you experience power interruption then of course We will refrain from giving food to our fish if they are just newly fed and power interruption, of course, then of course, we will reduce half of the water and Introduce another new water inside the tank. So come on. Let’s feed them now With this hard-boiled egg. is hard boiled egg Good for fish. Yes I have constantly said that in my previous videos that hard-boiled Egg is really good for a fish because this is a good source of protein This is a chicken egg. Duck eggs quail eggs will do for this matter and of course another thing that we gonna note is the overcrowding well, one of the failures that I had before is my tendency to Overcrowd the fish in one single tank and this is the thing that have been the cause of disease been the cause of malnutrition and even cannibalism because when they are so crowded they gonna tend to practice cannibalism. They will eat each other because of lack of food Now you will see that they don’t have uniform sizes. Some of them are very small Some of them are bigger now some of them are in their medium sizes, but the good thing is that we are monitoring their growth because the moment that they will grow it will result in a congestion and We will remove maybe 30 40 percent of them and transfer them to a bigger tank well this is not their permanent tank because this fish are Scheduled to be thrown in the mud pond and many have said Dexter. What’s the best thing in Growing our Japanese Koi. Well, if you are just a hobbyist, you can grow your koi in a concrete tank like this There’s no problem as long as we can maintain the cleanliness and I’m referring to the filtration box the filtration bucket and of course the submersible pump that we’re gonna use let us see to it that that submersible pump is really have an a.1 condition because like what happened few months ago my Submersible pump here got malfunction. It killed all my fish Well, I was really very sad about that incident. But today you will see now that some of them haven’t recognized us maybe did not smell the Hard-boiled egg, so we will paint them here for their breakfast also and This fish right here are Another colony you look at them. They are very territorial But of course kois are not territorial only the flowerhorns and cichlids are very territorial fish But what I’m saying is that they have different places all the others want to stay there and the others want to stay here but as what I have said This is not your permanent tank few days from now. They will really be Overcrowded in this small tank so you will see that We also have here a small trap or our smaller kois But this is originally the place for our Goldust molly is goldust a Molly? Can you answer or make a comment? Some of you are a fish experts? Well, this goldust have already plenty of babies. I Don’t know if the goal does is belongs to the Molly family. Well, we can make a comment and make some Information especially to our viewers who are new beginners in this heavy Since we are feeding This hard-boiled egg. It is very necessary to maintain the Cleanliness of this water, of course, we don’t rely on this very small bucket alone But we are changing the water regularly and many have asked, Dexter, How do you do it? Well, of course It’s very simple you will detach this hose and this hose Will be green Outside this is the outflow We will reduce the water and then we will place me water this water came from our tank and We are flushing out the dirt So a couple of minutes maybe 20 minutes or 30 minutes This old water will be removed from this tank and this new water is filling in With new Clean water and this is the tip that we can give you we don’t have to touch the fish We don’t anymore clean The algae of the tank we don’t anymore Steer this up because if we will do so the ammonia will rise and it will cost the death of our fish So we will just do the simple things We’ll put the hose outside with the submersible pump to get the water out of the tank and feeling in This tank with new water again, so I Don’t know if you got it but my principle is when We wanted to maintain the health of our koi we don’t disturb the time We really don’t disturb the time because as what I have said if we really cause their death when they are stressed when they are being caught every now and then then they really become stress and The sickness the disease will come in because they are so stressed They cannot combat the disease anymore Well, of course we have here our guppies! These guppies are the red ones well These are the female guppies and some of them are now developing their bright colors the breeders of this are Being placed at the back of this house. And this are the babies and you look at them. They are also very eager to get their breakfast now and their breakfast is also this hard-boiled egg and They are plenty. Well this time I drained all the water and then I have Scheduled to transfer the breeders from this tank To the touch located at the back We also here here babies of our Guppies these are the breeder Guppies. Come on This is the new strain remember last time we showed you that we bought another strain of Guppies the Albino, full red and this are now that albino full red babies and of course this are the babies also of our sword tail there here you Look at here. The breeders are here and the babies are Hiding in this plants. Okay, you can eat now your break fast. Come on in my previous video we have also told you about how to effectively Propagate this fish this sword tail, of course We were gonna get the most pregnant one and separate them from the rest And this pregnant will have no disturbance in Giving birth. That’s the way we can optimize the production of Our fish no disturbance. No predators Only the pregnant mother in a small tank and we will proceed there So these Guppies are the Dumbo mosaic nappies and some of them were already sold At the pet store if you have a pet shop and you produce your own fish it’s much better than buying all the stocks from the Breeders, of course. I am also buying but as far as I am able to do it I will breed my own our rabbits are here you will see that they are Relaxing though because they already have eaten a lot of grass and we will proceed at the back of this house We will now see some of our fish come on Well Just yesterday. We remove all the breeder coi and We distribute this one to some people who are also eager to breed we allow them to Use our breeders and of course with assurance that if they will be able to produce babies We are going to buy all the babies that they can produce You are here to eat the breakfast come on this is a mix of guppy and The mollies, this is for the 24k mollies. This is my favorite moly. That’s why I have a massive production of this 24k mollies because this are my favorite fish and Of course right here. You will see that there are babies also Guppies and this mollies I have harvested more than thousands of them already and they are already sold on a wholesale basis at the pet store So they are still plenty of them that are in this tank and many of them have already grown So much that they are already good to become breeders also so you will see that they are wanting to eat now this Hard-boiled egg we cannot overfeed Oh, we get a topper feed our fish because the moment they are Given a lot of food more than the capacity to digest they will also suffer Some trouble in the digestion. So we are regulating because too much of this hard boiled egg, which will also Immediately pollute the water These are the babies of the Dumbo Mosaic Guppies and they are more or less 10 thousands of them I hear they are babies and after one week or two We will Transfer half of them to avoid overcrowding to another tank These are the pregnant swordtail – and they are scheduled to give birth today So guys This is the thing that we can share with you today. I still have to go to the office So this is the thing that we can share with you today. I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and If you are new to our channel Please hit that notification girl and subscribe to our channel for you to be notified of our upcoming videos on the here up Dexter’s World!

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  1. What happen to berto? No updates about his situation? Pls feature flowerhorn breeding and grooming. Thanks

  2. Gold dust molly are Poecilia sphenops the same species as black molly they are just another color morph. Greetings from the USA Dexter always love the show!

  3. Thanks again for sharing this video on the progress of your Koi fry. Your Orandas look great, too. I am glad you have plenty of demand for your fish. Is the tropical fish hobby a good source of income for most Filipinos?

  4. Hi Dexter
    Do you also feed white part of boiled egg? It's mostly protein and doesn't have high fat content.
    Important tip I can share with you as u mentioned that you didn't have time to get live food.
    If u have room which I see you do is to get a few large plastic containers which you can culture moina daphnia in. You do daily water changes which is green water this would be the food source for the daphnia cultures.
    When the water is clear I would harvest by siphon out through net and replace with green water from fish pond when u do water changes. Just leave enough daphnia in containers to keep producing. This way you dont waste green water.
    Personally I use green water to culture daphnia by adding commerical fertilizer and can't produce enough green water as you do naturally because the daphnia eats it's out so quickly.
    It takes me average 2 weeks to get green like you but only to last 4 days as daphnia eats them quickly.
    But in you position you have endless green water supply which u feed to cultures container and can feed daily without adding yeast. Hopefully you would give this a try.
    God bless.

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  7. Hey Brother Dexter great video, yes the Gold Dust is a molly, some breeders call them the gold Panda Molly these are usually half gold and half black I'm not sure the color of yours I haven't watch the whole video yet you ask the question of the Gold Dust was a Molly yes sir it is as always God bless you your family and business

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    Thank you for making the video's. As a hobbybreeder i really enjoy them.

    Can you mayby highlight one of your bucketfilters an show how it is made and what media you use? I am thinking of making one myself in the next coming weeks.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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