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Your National Fish Hatcheries, Places for Fish and People

Your National Fish Hatcheries, Places for Fish and People

[ Nature Sounds ] [ Silence ] [ Music ]>>The Pacific Northwest, a
place of beauty and bounty. Fifteen national fish hatcheries
are nestled along the fabled rivers of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. National fish hatcheries
aren’t just places for fish. They’re places for you. There you can explore a whole underwater world,
learn about science, and even have some fun.>>The Salmon Fest is a celebration
of the return of the salmon to the Wenatchee River and
the Columbia River system. The salmon is an icon of the Pacific Northwest. It is our hope that people get to experience
the outdoors in ways they never have before. [ Singing ]>>Our best hatcheries are
places where people can come and visit, learn about what we’re doing. We love when people visit and ask questions. We’re happy to share our knowledge.>>And then underneath that commando
looking stuff is our [inaudible].>>Local students get valuable mentoring from the skilled staffs at
our national fish hatcheries.>>The Mt. Hood Community College
fisheries technology program has been coming to Spring Creek Hatchery to spawn
each fall for over 14 years. They are extremely accommodating. And the experiences that the students can
get here with these large fall Chinook salmon and on an industrial scale like
this is an awesome partnership. [ Background Discussion ]>>The salmon, what it means to
the Yakama people, it means life. It’s medicine. It’s a tradition. And it’s, you know, it’s bringing
more fish back for everybody.>>This is stuff I don’t think you
can really learn in a classroom. We are taught it. And then to come here and combine it
with the hands on is pretty amazing. This is my first time actually
doing the spawning. So, I was able to get the eggs
[inaudible], put it into the colanders. I think that fisheries is a really important
part of, I don’t know, the Northwest.>>[Background Music] Our national
fish hatcheries have been a part of this region’s culture for years.>>Hatcheries have been performing
vital fish management operations in the Pacific Northwest
for well over a century. The Little White Salmon National Fish
Hatchery began producing fish in 1898. That’s when William McKinley
was still President, and it was a full decade before the first
Model T rolled off the assembly line.>>We’re constantly looking at ways
to improve the way we raise fish. We have top-notch scientists that
are using the best available research and science and technology. We’re raising sport fish for tribal
and commercial and recreational anglers for a multi-billion dollar
industry here on the west coast.>>We’ve got people now going
back to the traditional places where people never fished for 75 years. And we couldn’t have done it without hatchers. [ Music ]

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