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Your Omega-3 Supplement Is Likely Rancid. Here’s Why You Should Care

You wouldn’t choose old fish for dinner. And most of us don’t drink sour milk or
eat brown, shriveled fruits and vegetables. We know freshness means better tasting, more
nutritious, safer foods. But when it comes to omega-3 supplements,
millions of Americans unknowingly ingest old, rancid oil. Studies have shown that over 70% of omega-3
supplements don’t even comply with industry standards. This includes formulations for pregnant women
and infants. Rancidity is problem not just from a taste
and smell perspective. Researchers believe ingesting old, rancid
oil long-term could be harmful. Alzheimer’s disease, clogged arteries, abnormal
cell division – these are the kinds of concerns scientists are raising. Now you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I
was told that fish oil supplements and krill oil capsules were good for me. I don’t know what to believe any longer.” Well, getting enough omega-3 is crucial for
your health. We need these molecules so that our cells
function well. But as consumers, we also need to be aware
of the quality of the oil we put in our bodies. Thank goodness fresh fish oil is available. Truly fresh fish oil has no fishy taste or
smell, just like fresh fish. Your brain, body and heart will thank you
for it. Skål to your health! By the way, open up your capsules. Taste and smell what you are getting. And if you want to determine more about the
quality of your oil, read here.

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