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Yuna Lee, How to make Eel rice bowl [jang-eodeopbab장어덮밥]

Yuna Lee, How to make Eel rice bowl [jang-eodeopbab장어덮밥]

Hey guys! It’s Yuna Today we’re going to be making Eel rice bowl The ingredients you will need are shredded garlic soy sauce water sugar rice onion green onion egg and eel I bought one that is already seasoned So let’s get started The first thing I’m going to do is fry my egg Now I’m going to cut my egg onion and green onion Now I’m going to make the sauce for my onion Now for the sauce I’m going to add half a tablespoon of sugar half a tablespoon of soy sauce half a tablespoon of water and half of the 1/4 teaspoon for the shredded garlic I’m going to mix that all together Now I’m going to fry my onion Now I’m going to add my sauce Now I have to cook my eel and you don’t have to clean your pan or anything because it’s the same sauce that is used for it so ya. I have cut my eel and half of the eel is for one serving so one full eel is for two servings So now I’m going to place my rice into my bowl Now on top of my rice I’m going to add my onion Now I’m placing my eel on top Now I’m going to add my eggs Now for the final step I’m going to sprinkle some green onion on top Here is the finished product and if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel Thanks for watching Bye!

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